Al Jazeera Star Journaillie Praises “Hitlers Humanity”, Blames Jews For “Distorting the Truth”

The Goracle would agree.

Khadija Benguena, a journalist who is working for”Al Jazeera, ” published an article  on Facebook about  “Hitler’s humanity.”

Under that header Khadija used photos of soldiers and officers of the Waffen SS, who were followers of Islam. (sounds like the ‘Handschar Brigades”)  The pictures show that the Muslim soldiers performed the ritual prayer (salad)  because “Hitler authorized them to pray.” According to the journalist, Nazi  victory allowed  Muslim-Nazis to  freely practice Islam.

“The media in the hands of the Jews distort  the truth and focus their attention on speculation related to the Holocaust,” concludes the journalist.

Benguena is the star of Arab journalism. In 2007, she was listed by Forbes among the ten most influential women n the Arab world.

Thanks to Jihad Watch Germany: Journalistin von Al Gores Al Jazeera feiert Hitler für dessen Liebe zum Islam  (the translation is my own)

So what did the Goracle say?

“We are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view.

“Al Jazeera has maintained a reputation of independence.  This network has established itself. It’s objective. It’s won major awards in countries around the world and its climate coverage, as I said a moment ago, has been outstanding and extensive.”

The newest chair of Al Jazeera is the cousin to the emir of Qatar. The emir recently signed a $400 million check to Hamas.

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  1. I wonder if things were different, how long it would have been before Hitler turned on the moslems and did to them what he did to Stalin. In a weird sort of way, Hitler was nothing but a useful idiot to islam. Because moslems were not considered ‘Aryans’ so eligible for the gas chambers or to be Hitler’s next enemy.

    As it is, the moslems are overriding Germany anyway – it is just going slower than a wartime victory. Thanks to Hitler, many Germans died so a moslem could take their place.

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