Australia: Wilders Visit Sparks ‘Redneck & White Supremacist’ Fantasies

Dutch MP sparks call for face-off

Mullah calls it “Geertphobia”–Natalie O’Brien @ WA Today:

WHITE supremacists are urging Australian ”patriots” to gather at public meetings by the controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders, ready for trouble and a no-holds barred fight.

Tensions have been mounting over the impending visit of the far right-wing politician who has been accused of Islamophobia and racism.

Australians need to put scribblers like Natalie O’Brien on notice.  We will no longer tolerate journaillie that parrots idiotic accusations.  We  demand they explain themselves and their agenda driven venom. Substantiate your claims or cease and desist!  Wilders has not even arrived and yet this is already turning into a  relentless defamation campaign.

More from The Australian:

Geert Wilders’ scramble for world’s ear

GEERT Wilders’ trip to Australia this month is the next stage of a journey that has taken him to the US Senate, the House of Lords, the Knesset in Israel and several European parliaments.

When he took his message to Malmo in Sweden last year there was considerable unrest: “There were helicopters in the air and a lot of police and people throwing things,” he recalls.

“I get that anyway, but for people visiting the venue it was terrible. You go to hear a speech, you don’t want to be on camera or get an egg in your head – it’s terrible.”

One group, Australian New Nation, has been encouraging followers to react to any threat or sign of violence from Muslim protesters who might attend.

On its website, the group has posted an audio from ”Radio Free Australia, the voice of white revolution in Australia” warning them to ”expect an Islamic rent-a-crowd outside screaming and foaming at the mouth like the evil bastards they are”.

”We encourage all patriots to exercise their legal right of self defence if any ragheads try to prevent them accessing the venue, or threaten, or use violence against their person once they try to strike the first blow, everything that follows is self defence on your part,” it said.

The vitriolic broadcast, which lasts almost 10 minutes, goes on to say, ”go … and be prepared to defend yourself and if they take a swing at you, they push at you, they spit on you, don’t hold back. You have a legal right of self defence do what should be done to this rag-head camel f— … Islamic filth who have no place in civilised society.”

Muslim leaders have been encouraging their community to ignore Mr Wilders’s visit and not to draw attention to his views by protesting.

The president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Hafez Kassem, questioned what the authorities were doing about the ”provocation by rednecks”.

”Surely they must be monitoring this,” he said.

Keysar Trad from the Islamic Friendship Association said while Muslims should have every right to protest peacefully, it would only draw attention to Mr Wilders. Mr Trad recommended the community ignore the event.

Social media sites protesting against Mr Wilders’s visits to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth have also been the target of hate messages.

Stepan Kerkyasharian, the head of the Community Relations Commission of NSW, said he had not had any complaints so far about Mr Wilders’s visit, but it was clear the Muslim community was concerned about the outcome of his tour.

Mr Kerkyasharian said it was important other groups that may have their own agenda do not try to use his visit as an opportunity to vent their own venom.

”We do not want anyone looking for an opportunity such as a visit from someone from overseas to try and undermine our cohesive, co-existence,” he said.

Looks like Mr Kerkyasharian has a dim idea of democracy and the free exchange of ideas.

The Federal Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, last year said he would not use his ministerial powers to stop Mr Wilders from visiting Australia on a speaking tour.

The tour has been organised by the Q Society of Australia.

A spokeswoman said this week that there had been steady ticket sales online, ahead of a radio advertising campaign which starts next week.

The venues of the meetings are being kept secret until 48 hours before the event and will be revealed only to registered ticket-holders.


This article here is quite good:

Geert Wilders’ mission to end ‘Islamisation’

It is very difficult to get any of his political opponents to talk about the Wilders phenomenon. Repeated calls from The Weekend Australian to the VVD and the PvdA, or Labour Party, drew a blank, with party spokesmen declining to return calls.

This doesn’t surprise Dutch academic Hein de Haas, the co-director of the International Immigration Institute at Oxford University: “The other parties are scared to burn their fingers on him,” says de Haas. “This is even terrifying leading politicians – and it is this cowardice on the part of the major parties that I find most worrying.”

Yes, cowardice is a worry. Thank heavens for Geert Wilders.

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  1. Muslims are afraid – and they should be. Ego dearly holds on to its delusions – the last thing it wants is exposure. The collective islamic ego is no exception . People who expose the dark truth of islam are a threat to them.

  2. @Hamid,

    Well said.

    We all now that Muslims want to work subversively until they are in positions of strength.

  3. Islam is extortion. Period. Even the dhimmest media-bulbs instinctively already know this – which is why they get behind it, and throw themselves out in front to defend it all the time. Without knowing – or caring to know – any detailed facts about islam whatsoever, they stil somehow always manage to feel completely free to pre-emprtively slander all those who do know about it, by asserting such people are hater-racist/bigots (HaRBs).

  4. Hill
    And this is why we need to actively work against muslims gaining places in town councils etc etc. Their record proves that they cannot be trusted and that they work against the community.

  5. @kaw,

    Agree 100%. Sadly, when I was still in London, was a part of a neighbourhood push back of 80+ people, when Muslims bought a local shop, claiming via building permission, (which there was no consultation for) they were putting in a coffee shop, when in fact they admitted to us (locals) they were planning on building a discothèque and wedding venue, for their own people.

    The local council deliberately lied (to us) on many occasions; as well as willfully hide and deflected the groups continuous breaking of the law. Furthermore, we knew someone in the council was giving our info and inspection dates to the group. Only when we sought legal representation and the police did the council finally decide to act.

    We scuppered their plans for the discothèque, they went through with the coffee shop, which was boycotted and shut within the year.

    Push back now or be a slave later.

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