Back to sleep, Aussies: we have nothing to learn from Europe, can’t happen here, says AG Mark Dreyfus

Wilders’ views have no relevance in Australia.”

Dutch MP Wilders anti-Islam warnings dismissed–World News Australia

Morons: Mark Dreyfus with ‘retired’ predecessor Roxon

Is it ignorance and stupidity or is it treason? Yet another unelected Labor stooge appointed by Jooliar Gillard dumps on Geert Wilders.   AG Mark Dreyfus  will have to answer to a higher authority.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has dismissed warnings by a controversial Dutch politician that Australia needs to learn from Europe and be vigilant of Islam by not allowing the mass immigration of Muslim people.

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom that holds the balance of power in the Dutch parliament, made the comment ahead of his visit to Australia next week.

Mr Wilders says he wants to warn Australia against allowing the mass immigration of people from Muslim countries because Islam and freedom are incompatible.

But, speaking to the ABC, Mr Dreyfus says Mr Wilders’ views have no relevance in Australia.

“We’re a long established democracy with successful multiculturalism. We’re also a country with a long standing commitment to free speech and robust political debate. Mr Wilders is free to come and express his views here in Australia, but I’m equally free to condemn them and the government does condemn the views that he expressed and I imagine he’s going to be expressing during his speaking tour here in Australia.”

8 thoughts on “Back to sleep, Aussies: we have nothing to learn from Europe, can’t happen here, says AG Mark Dreyfus”

  1. Not just “disagree with” or “question” but “condemn”.
    Because Australian multiculturalism is SOOOOOO successful…

  2. I am afraid, Mark Dryfus, a Jew, is reacting exactly or very similarily to all, yes I say ALL, local Jews I have contacted to promote this courageous, articulate man, Geert Wilders. I was absolutely disgusted by these reactions which went from polite silence, to sneering, to outright condemnation of Mr. Wilders. Knowing the attacks and animosity Geert Wilders collects, simply for being a steadfast defender of the Jewish people and Israel, not a very fashionable thing these days, I found this attitude at the very least ungrateful.

    Would a little Anne Frank need help today (and she just might, the way Jew Hatred is increasing), I know she could count on a Geert Wilders to hide her, I am not so sure that she would get help from those who call themselves Jews, yet agitate against Israel and Geert Wilders, in fact they would probably betray her.

    Those who know me (and my little blog) know that, although not Jewish myself, I am a rather loud defender of Jews and Israel, but, this recent experience killed my enthusiasm just a little.

    So, a few weeks ago, I would still have been surprised and disappointed in the attitude of a Jewish A. G., now I am not, he just runs with the herd and thinks that, if he feeds the crocodile, it will eat him last. He is not quite a stupid as some of his political side who think that the crocodile will not eat them at all.

  3. “‘J’Accuse,’ Mr Dreyfus.”

    Yes, while the former Mr. Dreyfus was innocent, I accuse this one of being guilte at least towards Geert Wilders. Pity, because he seemed rather intelligent. It must be belonging to the Green/Labor/Unions government which renders nearly everyone nasty and stupid.

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