Bernardi tests Abbott’s patience by backing Dutch MP Geert Wilders

Too little too late;  and Abbott’s silent  cowardice is just pathetic.

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Why Geert Wilders is Right

One of the latest debacles was another Perth venue breaking its contract at the last minute, leaving many hundreds with nowhere to go.  It is not just the oppressive and undemocratic nature of Islam which is responsible for this reprehensible attack on freedom of speech. The Islamists are being aided and abetted by leftist activist groups. Indeed, they have been the main ones threatening to disrupt and shut down any event featuring Wilders.

COALITION Senator Cory Bernardi tested the patience of his parliamentary leader Tony Abbott by affirming his support for Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who has been forced to cancel a speaking engagement in Perth because no venue was willing to provide him a stage.

Senator Bernardi, whom Wilders this week described as an old friend, had distanced himself from the anti-Islam campaigner since late last year, when he was given a visa to visit Australia. However, the cancellation of Wilders’ tour date today prompted the Senator to lament the “double standard” of free speech in Australia.

“Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ public speaking tour has run into constant problems as venues continue to pull out or refuse to host his events,” Senator Bernardi wrote to subscribers of his weekly “common sense” newsletter. “In such a tolerant and open society like Australia, why is it so difficult to accommodate a speaking tour by a member of the Dutch parliament who has a different perspective?”

Senator Bernardi contrasted the difficulty Wilders had in obtaining a visa with the Federal Government’s preparedness to issue them to Taji Mustafa, a senior figure in Hizb ut-Tahrir, and Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, who has described Jews as “rats of the the world.”

“There are myriad reports from a previously harmonious and tolerant Dutch society where Jews and gay people no longer feel safe from attack by Islamic fundamentalists,” the Senator said.

“And yet, it is Wilders who is characterised as an extremist.”

In contrast to Mr Abbott, Senator Bernardi did not distance himself from Mr Wilders’ characterisation of Islam as a totalitarian ideology incompatible with western democratic societies.

Speaking earlier today on Melbourne Radio 3AW, Mr Abbott said Wilders’ was “substantially” wrong about Islam and the preparedness of Muslims living in Australia to integrate.

“He is entitled to his view but I think that the Muslims in this country see themselves rightly as fair dinkum, dinky-di Australians, just as the Catholics and the Jews and Protestants and the atheists, we see ourselves as Australians,” Mr Abbott told host Neil Mitchell.

Mr Abbott also questioned whether it was appropriate for Wilders to evoke the ANZAC spirit during a speech in Melbourne in which he called for a ban on immigrants from Islamic countries, a ban on the construction of new mosques and for muslim people to be “sent packing” to their country of birth if they committed crimes.

“I think it is a bit odd when non-Australians talk about our sacred traditions just as it would be a bit odd for an Australian politician to evoke the spirit of Dunkirk or something like that,” Mr Abbott said. “Let him say his piece but I think there are very few lessons that Holland has to teach Australia when it comes to the integration of newcomers.”

Wilders is currently in Western Australia but was forced to cancel his planned speaking engagement in Perth after the venue booked for the night cancelled last Friday. Andrew Horwood, a spokesman for the Q Society which is organising and funding Wilders’ Australian trip, said the group had hoped until Tuesday night to find an alternative venue but had now “conceded defeat.”

The withdrawal of support for Wilders follows strong public comments from West Australian Premier Colin Barnett, who declared earlier this week that Wilders was not welcome in his state.

Mr Barnett took some credit for Wilders being left without a stage to deliver his stump speech warning about the threat of Islam to free speech and democratic traditions. “I don’t want him here,” Mr Barnett said. “He is certainly not going to use government buildings to promote his message.”

Mr Horwood said government pressure had added to the reluctance of venue owners to expose their businesses to protesters, public threats and possible retribution.

“The plan was to have a quieter day and a big night but the big night is gone,” Mr Horwood said.

“I just find it incredible that in 2013, in Australia in a democracy, this has actually happened. We have all had generations before who have gone off to war to fight for the country and while they were doing that I can’t imagine they were thinking in 2013 a government would stop a respected politician from the Netherlands speaking in public.”

Wilders is next scheduled to speak in Sydney on Friday night in the final appearance of his Australian tour.

11 thoughts on “Bernardi tests Abbott’s patience by backing Dutch MP Geert Wilders”

  1. Not ONE Australian politician will ever have the right again to even ever so slightly criticise Hitler, because ALL of them, including Abbott would have prostated themselves before him as they do before this threat of violence which comes FROM or “in the name of” islam.

    I am ashamed for Australia.

    As to Senator Cory Bernardi: as you say: “too little too late” and then from behind the key board. That’s what I told him:

    I am ashamed of ALL Australian politicians for their cowardice. None of them showed even the basic good manners towards an elected member of parliament of one of the eldest democracies in the world and the leader of Holland’s 3rd biggest political party.

    It proves ALL the points, Mr. Wilders makes, if “they” got even to you, Mr. Bernardi, who – once – had a refreshingly courageous voice.

    And yet, the violent attacks on people who wanted to LISTEN, were hardly condemned. Not even one arrest was made. On the contrary: This morning, the ABC (who probably gave those violent thugs the venue) bum kissed “one of the organisers of this rabble” a muslim Lawyer. A screechingly toe sucking interview, completely embarassing and, of course,islamophilically propagandist.(Breakfast on Radio National).

    But afer this shameful episode, I am afraid, I dont think that your party will change anything. You are running with the pack. Shame!

  2. whoops….I wrote: ALL of them, including Abbott would have prostated themselves

    I meant to write “prostrated” of course, but…Freudian slip if ever there was one, because now, whenever I think of our Australian politicians, the region which allows access to their prostate comes to mind.

  3. Re: ““I think it is a bit odd when non-Australians talk about our sacred traditions just as it would be a bit odd for an Australian politician to evoke the spirit of Dunkirk or something like that,” Mr Abbott said.”


    “Who are we to say you’re a criminal just because you commit crimes?”!

    ““Let him say his piece but I think there are very few lessons that Holland has to teach Australia when it comes to the integration of newcomers.””

    So here’s EXACTLY how Australia integrates newcomers:

    ““I don’t want him here,” Mr Barnett said. ”

    End of “democratic” discussion!

  4. In denying Wilders a venue for fear of violence, the operators have proven him right. As for Abbott, all I can say is “struth cobber, you make me want to fair dinkum, dinky-di vomit”.

  5. As a LNP voter, I find Abbott’s response on this topic truly sickening.

    He is so desperate to be liked by the ABC and the rest of the MSM that he is happy to play up to their ideologies, while he ignores the concerns of his supporters.

    I wish we had a real conservative party here in Oz. We have no real choice in politics today – except in small degrees of PC “Progressivism”.

    You certainly lost my vote today, Tone, you fawning toadie!

  6. The Labor and Liberal Parties will both sell us off. They might have a token politician who speaks out against Islamization and loss of free speech but its just dressing to get our votes. I’d much rather support a minor party that isn’t afraid to speak the obvious truth. Parties such as Australian Christians, Australian Protectionist Party or even the Rise up Australia Party come to mind. Political Correctness can go to ….ell.

  7. “Parties such as Australian Christians, Australian Protectionist Party or even the Rise up Australia Party “…

    lunatic fringe much?

  8. Having lived in Australia for 12 years, I was there on 9/11 at 5:30 a.m. I turned on my computer to check my e- mail.My home page read “world trade centre comes down” My world was shattered, I had no Idea what had happened. At the time I did not even think that such a thing as Islam existed.
    I thought I lived in the greatest country in the world. Comming from Canada, another great country, freedom had never been an issue, never had anything to say that requiered protection. In the back of my mind I suspected that something was wrong, now I know.
    Freedom is being slowly pulled, so sleatly that we are not noticing. We will left with our values and way of life evaporate with the freedom we have taken for granted for so long and forgot, how we got here and not remember what we use to have.

  9. Silence in the face of evil, is evil itself. Congratulations to the brave people
    who do stand up to political correctness, we will not be silenced! Find like minded people and there are many, gather as much knowledge as you can,
    know thine enemy, and never give up. Oh, and good on the Rise Up Australia
    Party, I know I will be voting for them and spreading their message.
    Come on Australia, lets start using our famous SPIRIT and make a difference to this topsy turvey world.

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