Brand-new Islam Invented!

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Egypt: Mufti Advisor – Islam Prohibits Bloodshed, Violence

Advisor to the Mufti of the Republic Dr. Ibrahim Negm said that Islam prohibits all forms of violence and bloodshed.

The Egyptian cleric called on the attendees to seek their information about Islam from Al Azhar scholars adding that Al Azhar and Dar Al-Ifta (House of fatwas) are concerned with reaching out to the world and building bridges of communication and common understanding with other religions without forcing non-Muslims to convert to Islam.

Until Messiah of the Jews or the Mahdi of Muslims arrives, we must learn to live together Intelligently in accordance with our differences:

“Muslims and Jews must fight Zionism, injustice and immorality which is a matter of pride in the West, because Zionism – along with its entity and lobbies across the world – delays the arrival of Messiah,” she stressed.

To the Neturei Karta nuts, anti-Zionism is now more of a religion than Judaism is. Because they are willing to embrace Islam if that’s what it takes!

“We must fight the common enemies: Zionism, injustice and immorality which bring chaos in society and are a matter of pride in the West.” Another article quotes her as talking about the Ayatollah Khomeini “of blessed memory” as she looks forward to the third intifada , “inshallah.”– (Neturei Karta woman awaits the coming of the…Mahdi! thanks to the Elder)

Curry Princess Will “Improve Hate Crime” Reporting:

Speaking at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit in Cairo Foreign Office, the utterly corrupt  Baroness Warsi said:  how do we address this scourge? How do we defeat it?

Stupidity & Complicity Spreads Virus of Islam

Political correctness allowing imposition of Sharia law | Sunshine Coast Queensland | News Article

Political correctness is allowing the rapidly expanding Islamic population to impose Sharia law on non-Muslims, says suspended Katter’s Australian Party candidate, Bernard Gaynor. …

Jesus is a profit of Islam, but ….

Muslims students Wants to remove Jesus from Catholic Schools

Hindu ‘scholar’ terms False Prophet Muhammad ‘greatest person in history’

The Hindu scholar, Swami Lakshmi Shankaracharya, stated, “We are talking about Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and we should keep it in our mind that he is the greatest individual in history. If anyone wants to know about Islam, one should judge Islam by Prophet’s (Peace Be Upon Him) life and his teachings.” …

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