Bulgaria Shows Hamas Delegation the Red Card

Kudos to the Bulgarians for throwing these thugs out, although the idea that the Ham-asses came on a “private visit” is preposterous:

Bulgaria security forces raid, expel Hamas delegation

Raid on residences of visiting Hamas delegation allegedly prompted by Israeli, US, British pressure; Bulgarian government denies meeting with Hamas, says Palestinians were in Sofia on “private visitation.”

Bulgarian security forces on Friday raided the temporary residences of a visiting Hamas delegation in Sofia, and then expelled the officials from the country, Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported.

The Hamas delegation arrived in Bulgaria on Wednesday to present the “Palestinian narrative and expose the false Israeli narrative on the Palestinians and Hamas.” The visit was the first of its kind by Hamas officials to a member of the EU.  (EoZ)

Freedom of Expression? Not for Palestinians

I could care less about what the Arabs are doing to each other. What Islam opponents are facing in the West is just as bad.

by Khaled Abu Toameh

This most recent assault on freedom of expression does not seem to bother the Western countries that fund the Palestinian Authority. The crackdown on Palestinian journalists in the West Bank is also fine as long as Israel is not involved.

In another story the Western media apparently refuses to cover, any Palestinian who dares to criticize Hamas or the Palestinian Authority risks being arrested or summoned for interrogation.

Palestinian journalists are now hoping to bring this to the attention of President Barack Obama when he meets with President Mahmoud Abbas next month.

The journalists say they want United States and the rest of the world to know that the crackdown on freedom of expression in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip is designed to hide the fact that Palestinians are governed by two repressive regimes that have no respect for human rights and democracy.

Over the past few weeks, several Palestinian journalists have been arrested in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for reportedly criticizing the policies and leaders of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.