Down with Islam

BREAKING: Security fires shots into air as anti-Morsi protesters charge at presidential palace

Security forces fire shots into the air as some anti-Brotherhood protesters throw molotov cocktails and fireworks at the presidential palace. Vlad has video

Tahir Square Protesters  Face Knives and Mobs, Women Face Rape:

It’s a messy scene even when it ultimately goes well, as it does here. Female volunteers appear to be as assaulted as often as they carry out a successful rescue and the men have to face knives and mobs.  It has been alleged that these sexual assaults are carried out by paid gangs affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.  By /Frontpagemag

Religion of Peaceniks run amok:

Unarmed volunteers mobilize at Tahrir Square in a weak attempt to counter the rape and sexual harassment of those protesting the Muslim Brotherhood – even as Religion of Peace  clerics justify the abuse and insist that the victims “want it.”  It seems fitting that what was once the symbol of reform in the Islamic world is now better known  for rape, torture and death.

They may hold Dutch passports, but they will never be Dutch:

Spy chief: Dozens of Dutch citizens have travelled to Syria to join ‘jihad’

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Dozens of Dutch citizens are fighting with rebels in Syria and could return home battle-hardened, traumatized and even further radicalized …

Thousands of anti-Mursi protesters march for change

Is the Facebook  ‘revolution’ strong enough to cope with the MuBro’s?

CAIRO: Thousands took to the streets across Egypt after opposition groups called for “Friday of dignity” rallies demanding President Mohammed Mursi fulfill the goals of the revolt that brought him to power. … (Mullah)

Deadly bomb attacks rock Baghdad market

At least 29 people have been killed and dozens others wounded by car bombs in mainly Shia Muslim neighbourhoods in Iraq, officials say.

Suicide bomber kills over a dozen in Iraq–  just a few days ago….


Tens of thousands take to streets for funeral procession of Shokri Belaid amid nationwide protests.