Egypt & Turkey: Open Season on Christians

Egypt: ‘Bearded Men’ Stab Christian Woman

Random attacks on Egypt’s Christian Copts continue growing, including with very little motive — other than hate, that is. Izzat Ibrahim Izzat, a human rights activist and an official at the Mina branch Word Center for Human Rights, just issued a statement saying that two bearded men, or Salafis — those Muslims who most try to pattern themselves after Islam’ prophet – stabbed a Christian woman named Mary Samir Adib in Alexandria. The two men were riding a motorcycle when they intercepted Mary and stabbed her in her abdomen as she was crossing the street, causing a serious wound in her peritoneal membrane. The Coptic woman was transported to the hospital where she underwent surgery. Although Mary’s family filed a complaint with the police, as usual, the head detective refused to go out and inspect the assault scene. Izzat confirmed that this is not the first attack on Coptic women in Alexandria. Indeed there have been several such cases reported this week without any response from authorities.

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Blast strikes outside US embassy in TurkeyTwo people reportedly killed and several others wounded in explosion at diplomatic mission in Ankara.

Jihad in Turkey: 85-year-old Christian woman repeatedly stabbed, cross carved onto her corpse

The implications of the cross being carved onto Marissa Kucuk’s corpse are not explored (no surprise there) in this Economist story: the Economist has never shown any willingness to discuss the jihad against non-Muslims. “Horrific attacks against Armenians,” from the Economist, January 29 (thanks to JW):

MARISSA Kucuk was a little old Armenian lady who lived on her own in Samatya…, a picturesque neighbourhood of Istanbul where Christians and Muslims used to rub along peacefully. On December 28th Ms Kucuk, 85, was found dead in her apartment. She had been stabbed, repeatedly. Relatives said a crucifix was carved onto her naked corpse.

Atatürk monument to be removed from Istanbul square

Goodbye, young Turks

Atatürk was a thoroughgoing scoundrel, but he was also the father of Turkish secularism. This is yet another sign of the impending demise of the secular state in Turkey, and the reimposition of Sharia there.

“Atatürk monument to be removed from Istanbul square,” from Hürriyet Daily News, December 8

Turkey’s President calls on West to “curb” criticism of Islam

Gul says he believes in free speech, but “incitement to hate and violence” should not enjoy free speech protections. By this he doesn’t mean the hate sermons of imams calling for jihad against Infidels, but the writings of “Islamophobes,” including accurate analyses of how jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to promote violence and supremacism.

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  1. Re: “stabbed a Christian woman named Mary Samir Adib in Alexandria.”

    Quelle surprise. Two Muslim men against a defenseless woman. That is how Muslim men roll.

    They always need the advantage, to feel like a man.

  2. Coptic Christians in Egypt are in a zone reminiscent of Jews in Germany just prior to Kristalnacht.

    They need to get out fast. The trouble is where will they go? They are not Muslims fleeing, supposedly facing persecution from Islam, so the Leftist West will not give them asylum, as it gives Muslims a bad name.

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