Egypt: who needs alcohol & belly dancing when you got Islam already?


Egypt is increasingly being transformed into an Islamic state

Spencer warned of this back in January 2011 — and on Fox Juan Williams told him he was “fearmongering.”

“The silent Islamization of Egyptian society,” from AsiaNews, February 23

Sharia descending upon Egypt: Bans on alcohol and belly dancing

This is what they voted for. Now they’ve got it. Here again, we see Sharia looks essentially the same wherever it is implemented, contradicting the smooth lies of Islamic supremacists like Reza Aslan, who make a comfortable living telling the credulous kuffar that Sharia is so elastic as to have no content at all.–“Egypt moves to ban alcohol, belly dancing,” from the Daily Star, February 18 (thanks to JW)

Egypt: No Vote For You, Infidel!

Muslim Brotherhood government schedules elections on Easter Sunday to keep Christians from voting

Coptic activist, lawyer and president of the Egyptian Human Rights Union Naguib Gebrail says that this choice of a date violates ”human rights as concerns religious freedom.” Now why would a Sharia regime do that? Don’t they know that Sharia is benign, tolerant, and fully compatible with Western principles of human rights? Imam Rauf, call your office!

“Egypt: rushed elections not conducive to stability, NSF,” from ANSAmed, February 22 (JW)

Muslim outreach to Christians in Egypt: Muslim mob stones Christians, sets church building on fire

More “dialogue” from Muslims in Egypt reaching out to their brothers and sisters in Abrahamic faith: “Muslim Villagers in Egypt Attack Church,” from Morning Star News, February 17:

CAIRO, Egypt (Morning Star News) – Muslim villagers in Egypt’s Fayoum Province attacked a church this weekend – pelting four Christians with rocks, setting parts of the church building on fire and tearing down a cross atop the structure, witnesses said.

MuBro Headbangers ‘Islamicize’ Egyptian Singer With Burqa

In many ways, the Arab Spring that Westerners thought would bring democracy to the Middle East has actually been the prelude to an Islamic revolution that seems set on sweeping away all opposition to the harshest of Islamist tenets – even at the expense of much of the culture that the Arab world has held dear for decades.

Among the latest victims of the new Islamist atmosphere in Egypt is the “first lady of Arabic song,” Umm Kulthum, who is regarded as the greatest female Arabic singer of the 20th century, or perhaps ever.

She had hundreds of hits and was responsible for integrating Western and Arabic singing and musical styles. It was around her style of singing that the large orchestras today identified with Arabic music, sometimes consisting of many dozens of musicians, were developed. She was also a pioneer in Arabic film, starring in dozens of movies in which she sang love songs. Nearly 30 years after her death in 1975, her records still sell in the millions annually.

Whether because her songs were mostly secular in nature, or because she was a female, there have been calls among some of the more radical Islamists recently to ban her music. Although the current regime in Egypt has made no such call, numerous supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, both on the internet and in Friday speeches in mosques, have called on Muslims to stop listening to her music.

While a ban is unlikely, Islamists have done what they apparently believe to be the next best thing – dressing Umm Kulthum in full female Arabic caftan, a “nikab.” The covering was placed on a statue of Umm Kulthum, in the Egyptian town of Mansoura. The incident apparently occurred over the weekend. Muslim Brotherhood supporters distributed photos over the Internet.

According to one of her biographers, revolutionaries in Egypt in the early 1950s sought to ban her music, because of her close ties to the deposed King Farouk, who in 1952 was overthrown by Gamal Abdel Nasser. When Nasser got wind of the proposed ban, he nixed it – saying that the Egyptian people would immediately turn against the revolution if the music was banned.