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Hamas starts its own “news” agency

From Al Arabiya via EoZ:

The Islamist movement Hamas which rules Gaza has set up its own news agency, called Al Rai (Opinion), the Palestinian territory’s Hamas government announced on Monday.

One of the headlines in the website says that Hamas holds Israel responsible for “desecrating” the Temple Mount. Does that mean that the IDF should be arresting those playing soccer and volleyball on the holy spot?

Goracle Silent

Gore silent after al-Jazeera airs Qaradawi show affirming death penalty for leaving Islam

This is no surprise, For a Leftist like Al Gore, a Muslim like Qaradawi, even when he is calling for the murder of innocent people, is a non-white non-Christian non-Westerner, which means that he can do no wrong.

An update on this story. “Gore, Current silent as cleric affirms death penalty for leaving Islam on Al-Jazeera,” by Nicole Lafond for the Daily Caller (JW)

Liberal hacks will believe anything… As long as it is an attack on Sarah Palin.

Oops!… WaPo Crank Falls For Dumb Palin Prank – Gets Burned

Palin-hating WaPo “cultural journalist” Suzi Parker slammed Sarah Palin today for taking a job with Aljazeera.

Too bad it was bogus.

Ted Nugent Promises to “Take on Media Orgy” at SOTU (GWP)

Bagel for Hagel

The Lost Tribe: Jewish Democrats Back Hagel

If a Republican president nominated someone as anti-Israel and borderline antisemitic as Hagel to Secretary of Defense–say, Pat Buchanan–the press would rightly have a field day. These guys are nucking futz.

Benghazi Gate: