Extreme Asshattery

Million Dollar Muselmaniac

Court orders abducted imam should receive one million euros, Cleric’s wife should have 500,000 euros

 (see related story) (ANSA) – Milan, February 12 – An Italian court on Tuesday said that a Muslim cleric abducted by the CIA in Milan in 2003 should receive one million euros in damages. The decision was announced after the court gave the former head of Italy’s SISMI secret-service agency, Nicolo’ Pollari, a 10-year prison sentence for involvement in the snatching of Hassan Mustafa Omar Nasr. The court also provisionally set 500,000 euros as the damages the imam’s wife should receive.

Ken Clarke: Compensation payments fund terrorist groups

You don’t say. What a surprise. From the Telegraph

Compensation paid to terror suspects by the British government has ended up in the hands of terrorist groups, Kenneth Clarke has said. The minister told a Parliamentary committee that it would be “naïve” to think that money given to people who claim to have been mistreated by British security forces has not helped fund extremist causes.

Despicable  Journaillie:

Coward-Journalists: Lars Hedegaard is guilty in the murder attempt on himself

Several journalists and writers, especially from the newspaper Politiken, believe that Lars Hedegaard is to blame for the assassination attempt on himself and that his statements on Islam are not less violent than the physical violence that he experiences from his opponents.

Claim: Boredom, not jihad, led Mumbai jihad mass murder plotter to terrorism

“What do you want to do tonight, Marty?” “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” “I’m bored. Let’s go murder a large number of Infidels.”

This is patently absurd. How bored would you have to be to commit mass murder?

German Asylum Priest Demands:  Gypsies Need Special Consideration For Stealing, Because its ‘Their Tradition’

No, its not an early April fools prank, evangelical “asylum priest”  (heaven help us!) Werner Baumgarten really believes gypsies need special care and consideration for theft.

Was wie ein verfrühter Aprilscherz daher kommt, vertritt der evangelische Asylpfarrer Werner Baumgarten (Foto) in einem Interview mit den Stuttgarter Nachrichten vom 12. Februar:  Asylpfarrer fordert bei Strafmaß für Zigeuner “Tradition des Diebstahls” zu berücksichtigen from PI in German

 To hell with the people; we want our EUSSR Banana Republic

4 thoughts on “Extreme Asshattery”

  1. * German Asylum Priest Demands: Gypsies Need Special Consideration For Stealing …

    I wonder if he has ever come across Exodus 20:15 “You shall not steal”.

    (And why is he stereotyping Gypsies as thieves?)

  2. Maybe we in the West have deccided it’s gypsies’ human right to follow their culture of stealing, and for Muslims to follow their culture of rioting (etc) but what about us? If we decide it our human right to be naive, who will protect us from the consequences?

  3. Gypsies are displaced & exiled Indians who ran away when India was invaded by the moslem moguls … there is no particular “cultural” traidion of theft in the Hindu creed – but there is in islam (especially against infidels, whom “god” commands to be harrassed by all stratagems).

    Perhaps we should pre-forgive all moslems because the protected, “religious” part of islam says:

    “God told us to commit these crimes!”


    After all, it’s always a better idea to indulge criminals in committing their crimes, than to tell them they’re wrong about it all! Right?!


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