‘Fundamentally Transforming America’ Part #12436

“This could be the moment when the Earth begins to heal itself, when the waters start to recede in the relationship between Islam and Christianity.”

Cardinals Mull Obama Papacy

Obama voters to the front:

Obama Ignores Deadly Risks to Women in Combat

What happens when we allow “progressives” to deconstruct our culture by imposing, through public policy, the fantastical delusion of a “genderless society.”

‘The Revolution Continues’: Tens of Thousands Rally in Tunisia Behind Islamist Government

“Only bayonets will make us leave.”–Read More »  (I guess the opposition needs a lot more bayonets.)

Dumber than dirt:

Bill Maher on Chuck Hagel’s Israel Remarks: ‘The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government’

“He’s a right-wing Republican, that’s not enough?”–Read More »

 Muslim Group Won’t Release Hagel Tape– accuses reporter of racism and bigotry

No matter the issue, if you dare question a Muslim group, you are a racist-islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot.

Hagel has plenty to hide. But if the Muslim group wouldn’t release the Obama tape, does anyone really expect them to release the Hagel tape?

“Arab-American Group Won’t Release Hagel Tape“ Free Beacon, Alana Goodman (Pamela Geller)


One thought on “‘Fundamentally Transforming America’ Part #12436”

  1. Bill Maher is such a hateful little creep. And the hollyweirdos consider that freak a comedian?! These days to be a comedian one must hate, be foul and hate some more…. the politically acceptable subjects to hate.

    BTW, Bill Maher is a half-Jewish guy. Raised a Catholic but hates them too. Sort of tells me he doesn’t know the message of either but is right in with the ‘lump all religions together’ and hate them all.

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