Geert Wilders in Sydney

Geert Wilders with Sergio Redegalli & the dreaded mural of blasphemy

Leftist SAM MCKEITH from AAP in the Australian:

Sydney seeing ‘Islamisation’, Wilders says

Like…. its not happening?

FIREBRAND Dutch MP Geert Wilders has told supporters in Sydney’s west that the ideology of Islam is dangerous, while claiming Australia is seeing an “Islamisation” of its cities.

The far-right politician addressed the Q Society of Australia on Friday night at a function centre in Liverpool on the third leg of his controversial tour of Australia.

Protesters Ferals  and the usual suspects  gathered outside the venue to voice their anger at the MP’s controversial tour.

Many members of the media were blocked from entering the event, despite having being told by the ultra-conservative Q Society group that they would be allowed to attend.

The journaillie needs to be properly vetted.  They need to learn what high security means.

However, in an extract of the speech obtained by AAP, Mr Wilders labelled Sydney as “the Australian city where Islamisation has progressed the furthest”.

“This city needs to hear the truth about the dangerous ideology of Islam,” Mr Wilders said.

In the speech he made disparaging remarks about the Koran, the holy book of Islam.

Arrest the blasphemer!

He said when some journalists charged him with being intolerant he replies: “I prefer the so-called intolerance of Churchill over the so-called peace of Islam.”

Mr Wilders called participants in last year’s riots in Sydney “al-Qaeda sympathisers”, and noted that there were now more than 60 mosques across the city.

About 100 protesters, many carrying anti-Wilders placards, rallied outside the function centre before the start of the speech and chanted: “Muslims are welcome, racists are not.”

Police officers, including some on horseback, ensured guests invited to the event could make it through the crowd.

Outside the event an anti-Wilders protester addressed the crowd over a loudspeaker.

“We have to make sure that these people are hounded if they try to do these things,” he said.

“Thanks for helping brand Geert Wilders what he really is.”

One protester, social commentator Antony Loewenstein, said Mr Wilders believed in dividing society.

Loewenstein is Australia’s  version of George Galloway, he is certifiably insane, as most ‘reverts’ are.

“I think his message of division and hatred against Muslims is exactly the opposite of what Australians should be hearing,” Mr Loewenstein told reporters.

“It’s ignorant and shows a desire to exclude Muslims.”

Loewenstein  is ignorant and should read Koran & sunna. Its about time.

Mr Wilders is the founder and leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, which holds 15 seats in the Dutch parliament.

He cancelled a media conference and speaking engagement in Perth on Wednesday after a four-star hotel scrubbed his booking.

He received a standing ovation on Tuesday in Melbourne, where several hundred people dodged a large group of protesters to hear the first speech in his Australian tour.

Wilders received many standing ovations in Sydney last night.


No,  Chip: Wilders didn’t ‘chose’- 

that’s the only venue we could get after 30 cancellations:

IT is hard to imagine a more incongruous place for Geert Wilders to introduce himself to Australia. Beyond the edge of town, at the end of a flat, single-lane road surrounded by damp paddocks, Wilders chose a Dutch-themed wedding and reception venue for his public coming out.  (More)

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  1. “… Arrest the blasphemer!”

    Q. 5:17-19 “… In blasphemy indeed are those that say that Allah is Christ the son of Mary”

    5:72, 73 “They do blaspheme who say: Allah is one of three in a Trinity (God of Christians): for there is no god except One God. If they desist not from their word (of blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them.”

    5:64-66 “… Amongst them (Jews) we have placed enmity and hatred till the Day of Judgment.”

  2. The cops kept the feral degenerates coralled which was great.

    You never know you could have caught. LOL.

    The attendees ignored the irrelevant scum.

  3. Re: “One protester, social commentator Antony Loewenstein, said Mr Wilders believed in dividing society. … “I think his message of division and hatred against Muslims is exactly the opposite of what Australians should be hearing,” Mr Loewenstein told reporters.”

    NO, islam clearly and officially divides the world into moslems and infidels, into the Dar-al-Islam, or “Pacified Zone” and the Dar-al-Harb, or “War Zone,” where every crime against “the others” is encouraged and commanded of them by their “god.”

    When Geert Wilders warns people of this truth, he isn’t being “divisive,” he’s warning people of the divisively subversive crime gang of holy mobsters that is islam – he’s actually uniting hte civilized folks against the divisively savage barbarian criminals who want to divide, conquer and rob them of their freedom lives and futures.

    Leftists, being divisive, victimology-selling, group-might-made-rights promoting extortionist criminals themselves, should all be jailed for treason to rationality and civilization, for endangering the citizenry with their criminal frauds.

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