Geert Wilders: No Compromise with the Truth

Thanks to Diana West

Geert Wilders in Bonn, February 2, 2013. Video via Vlad Tepes.

In this address, Geert reveals that a German publisher translated Geert’s excellent Regenery book Marked for Death (2012) into German only to learn from the firm’s lawyers that the publisher would face criminal prosecution for bringing Geert’s book out in Germany as written.

Such is the repressive nature of German law under the influence of the twin totalitarianisms, Marx and Islam.

Geert rejected the proposed compromises with the facts and his beliefs. These, Geert said, included:

“For example, when in the English edition I criticize Islam and say truthfully `Islam,’ the German edition can only read “Islamism,” or “orthodox Islam,” or “sharia-Islam,” or whatever may be the case.

“Whenever I make the case that no more mosques should be built in Germany or Holland, I am only allowed to say: The construction of new mosques should be accompanied with great skepticism.” …

He continued:

“I am convinced there is only one Islam and the so-called `radical Islam” is a pleonasm and is nothing other than the real, authentic Islam since it is in complete accordance with the teachingd of Mohammed and the Koran.

“I reject the censorship of my views on this matter.”

But that’s not why Geert Wilders, who is about the nicest guy in the world, is Marked for Death. The reason is the rest of West allows him and a few Scandanavian senior citizens to risk their lives trying to preserve our most basic liberties. There is simply no safety is sparse numbers.

What was it that the idiotic AP report said about “claims” that freedom of speech is under threat from Islam again?

2 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: No Compromise with the Truth”

  1. Besides being a nice guy, Geert Wilders is the bravest hero in the world. If there were more politicians of his calibre in Western nations, we would not be reading Islamist horror reports every day.

  2. The muslim ideology is all about hate, revenge, intolerance, violence and lying to gain advantage over your enemy – it’s all about might-makes-right extortion, aka CRIME.

    Rape, war and poverty were all endorsed by Muhammad, who called them “holy duties!” Naturally, the poverty bit didn’t apply to him personally.

    Islamic “beliefs” include the belief that their god cannot be understood nor reasoned with, (so it might as well not exist at all) only feared and obeyed. They also include the criminal notion that, since Muhammad got away with committing his crimes, (and he tried them all, enthusiastically, many times and, far from ever feeling remorse or apologizing for them, instead encouraged everyone else to join him in committing them, too) then “god” must have wanted him to get away with committing those crimes! So obviously islam is only an ancient yet ongoing extortion-racket CRIME syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it, is where they say:

    “God told us to commit these crimes!”



    So why does it now always seem to be “illegal” to accuse these moslem criminals of their crimes, if doing so might hurt their feelings (and so “make” them commit even more crimes!)? Simply because:

    Liberals are racists – they always assume that ONLY White, Western people (including, of course, the Jews in Israel,) are INTELLIGENT enough to be judged guilty of being truly evil, while all their pet “People Of Colour” (including, of course, the “swarthy palestinians,”) just can’t help being violent animals, the poor oppressed little dears, so they’ll always indulge their crimes, much as one ignores the new puppy as it pees on the rugs.


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