Hagel gets pwned: “We do have a position on containment, which is we do not favour containment.”

“If Confirmed, I intend to learn about the Defense Department.”– Defense Secretary Nominee Chuck Hagel

No wonder Hussein Obama loves him so much.  That’s like voting in a president with no private sector experience and then expecting his economic policies to succeed… Oh, wait. (GWP)

Andrew Bolt:

This man? In charge of the defence of the US?

Barack Obama sure picks them. First he lost his first pick for Secretary of State, thanks to Susan Rice’s bizarre attempts to explain away the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Now his pick for Defence Secretary, Chuck Hagel is in deep strife after a flustering performance during confirmation hearings:

Between withering attacks from former colleagues on his past positions on the Iraq war and Israel, Chuck Hagel, a Republican ex-senator, said he supported “containment” of Iran’s nuclear programme.

Mr Obama rejects the Cold War-era doctrine, insisting the US will prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon. After being handed a note by an aide, Mr Hagel said he had misspoken, adding: “We don’t have a position on containment.” He was corrected by Carl Levin, the chairman of the Senate armed service committee, who told him: “We do have a position on containment, which is we do not favour containment.”

Mr Hagel also surpised the hearing by saying that Iran, led by an autocratic ayatollah, had “an elected, legitimate government, whether we agree or not”.

He later retracted the word “legitimate” after the White House refused to agree with his description. Mr Hagel said he merely meant that Iran had been recognised by the UN and maintained diplomatic relations with many western countries.


Oh dear:

Playing back to Hagel his comments about America being a bully was also excruciating:

Another whoopsie on Iran being “legitimate”:

This exchange on his former claim that the surge in Iraq would be the “most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam” was particularly damaging:

CNN reports that even Democrat senators were “very surprised” and “perplexed” by Hagel’s performance and “shocked” at how “ill-prepared” he seemed.