Helen needs an education

Call to better understand Muslims

The St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hills, director of mission travelled to England and the United States on a Churchill Fellowship last year.

Ms Smith said Muslims had been stereotyped by people who had little understanding of the diversity that existed within Islamic culture.

“I know people don’t believe it but I personally have not met a woman who has been forced to wear Hijab,” she said.   “It’s all very much a choice.”

Helen hasn’t been been to Adelaide lately:

Its all about “food”– is it?  

We can’t reject a cult(-ure) that hates us:

Ms Smith said we could not have a multicultural society that enjoyed the food and traditions of other cultures and rejected others.

Helen Smith received a Churchill Fellowship to study the misunderstanding of Islam with Western culture.

Churchill would turn in his grave if he knew what these imbeciles are doing in his name.

2 thoughts on “Helen needs an education”

  1. Again with the food excuse!
    The civilised west managed to win a couple of world wars and reach heights of wealth and freedom never before seen in the history of the human race on a diet of meat and three veg so how does a tureen full of camel meat enhance our lives? A poor trade-off if you ask me.
    Access to yeastless bread is worth all the trouble by this idiot’s reckoning.

  2. Good Ol’ Helen even looks stupid!! I was in education (college level) and it is the home of the worlds idiots!! Just because you have book knowledge does not mean you are actually intelligent.

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