Hostages to Islam

Hostages to Islam

Andrew Bolt

What filth are these kidnappers, and what is it in their faith that tells them this is holy work?

Hostages to Islam they are indeed, but Andrews question above shows that he (still) doesn’t ‘get it’. Hostage taking is  Islam 101, its part of the religion. Muhammad did it, so the soldiers of allah do it. Its what they have  for centuries, for 1400 years, to be exact.

A VIDEO has appeared on YouTube of seven kidnapped members of a French family with their abductors, who claim to be from Islamist extremist group Boko Haram and have demanded the release of prisoners.

The video that France’s foreign minister called “terribly shocking” represented the first images of the family to emerge since their abduction in Cameroon on February 19.

At the start of the video, the father – named as Tanguy Moulin-Fournier, reads a statement from a piece of paper, his four children in front of him, his wife and brother beside him.


There is a way to deal with this. Watch the following video of Hizb-ut Tahrir spokesturd Uthman Badar trying to intimidate the French consul in Melbourne. Western nations should band together and stand firm, this menace can and should be eliminated in no time. We should arrest Uthman and his supporters, all of them, make them dig a trench to Perth until the hostages are released or put them  against the wall and shoot them. With our multicultural pussyfooting around the issues we’ll never get on top of this:

Hizb ut-Tahrir delivers open letter to French consulate (Sydney) re French assault on Mali

Watch the parade of hijabbed breeders at the beginning of the show, and get yourself some popcorn.

8 thoughts on “Hostages to Islam”

  1. The “islam is peace” / “hijacked by evildoers” misdirection has been so successful … whoever thought it up must marvel at how effective it has been since 9/11. So many willing to believe it, and repeat it.

  2. This has become our reality.

    This will continue until the entirety of the civilized world is smeared with the filth and excrement of isalm.

    IT will remain so until we realize that they, not we, command us to deal with them in such a manner as to spill blood, rivers of blood.

    Once we have done so, once we have dealt with them, globally, in a brutally unswerving manner that speaks of an unmistakable sense of permanence and finality, once we have rid ourselves of every single last vestige of islam, in all its form…then and only then will we have peace and quiet once again…….and the muslims, well, the muslims will be just a fading bad joke, a scary bedtime story told to misbehaved children….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. I remember the Salman Rushdie case back in 1989. A current Affair or some show had dug up some pakistani immigrant nutter who wanted to kill Rushdie. There was some ALP idiot on berating the show for finding one lone nutter and that not all the muslims were like it. Now 25 years later we have Uthman and others pushing their weight around. We need to fight back.

  4. What an odious, narcissistic prat. Lots of veiled threats of reprisals from his hoped-for caliphate.

    He doesn’t mention muslim colonizers in non-muslim lands.

    He makes the point several times that ‘nothing is secret, nothing hidden’ in his communication and actions. Why would anyone think otherwise

  5. …and his supporters numbers are growing with each demonstration and his threats of revenge go unabated. Notice all the large young families ?
    His beard is getting thicker and longer.

    Why is our government accepting death threats from an enemy of Australia under the guise of free speech ?

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