“I may not be much of a crusader, but at least I am not a Mohammedan”

Ezra Levant & Pamela Geller:  

Silencing Free Speech Activists

Petition to Worcester bishop to reinstate Robert Spencer talk tops 2,000 signatures

A message from Robert Spencer:

Things have certainly changed at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts. From the renowned Catholic writer G. K. Chesterton getting a hearty laugh in the video above by saying, “I may not be much of a crusader, but at least I am not a Mohammedan,” to the execrable, supremely arrogant Islamic supremacist pseudo-academic Caner K. Dagli, it is a steep descent indeed. (Thanks to Michael Coren for sending me the Chesterton video.)

However, we are keeping the pressure on for the truth in Worcester. The Bishop of Worcester, Robert McManus, canceled my appearance at a Catholic Men’s Conference in Worcester next month after getting pressure from a Boston Globe reporter, Lisa J. Wangsness, and a jihad terror-aligned Islamic supremacist, Abdul Cader Asmal.

I am extraordinarily grateful to everyone who has signed the petition that is circulating asking Bishop McManus to allow me to speak after all. At very least, you are showing that we are not going passively to accept the demonization and marginalization of people working to defend freedom and human rights.