If Islamic males can’t control themselves, is castration the answer?

If Islamic males can’t control themselves, is castration the answer?

Not sure if it suffices, but it would be a start. What else can you possibly do with people who tell you that “ baby girls might get raped, unless they are completely covered?”

By Laurie Roth

General rules for the non-Islamic masses: Koran Chapter 9

We already know the rules stated in Chapter 9 of the Koran for all people of “difference.” Convert to Islam, submit to the Jizyah (their enslavement tax), or be put to death. That is the beginning and end of their negotiation with non-believers. They offer the same level of negotiation for Islamic women.

Non-existent rights for women in Islam

According to Islam’s moral and religious code for Muslims across the world – Sharia Law – we see that women have half the vote of Muslim men, can be beaten and raped by their husbands at will, and be divorced whenever the Muslim husband feels like it. She must submit if the Muslim husband feels like having many wives, and she is forced to wear the burka and veil to cover her body in public.

Former Islamic expert on Islam IQ Alrasoolli, who I interview every Tuesday on air 7-8 pm PAC, has read sections straight from the Koran on air describing women as a field to be tilled and describing them as little more than an animal.

Clerics, Imams, and other Islamic men scream that women must be covered up from head to toe to protect them. Protect them from what, you might ask? What is such a hideous danger throughout Islam that their women must hide in plain sight? They say it boldly themselves – rape. Women who show their shape or anything on their bodies – a calf muscle, a knee, part of a shoulder or neck, neck, even their face – are asking for and inviting rape. They essentially deserve what they get, and then when Muslim males do rape them, the victim gets to be stoned, if they don’t have four witnesses proving the rape. The simple truth is, no matter what sound bite theater a Muslim man or woman says is this. WOMEN ARE DIRT IN ISLAM AND LIVE IN DANGER EVERY DAY.

I have screamed the truth on my national radio show and in my articles about how Islam treats women, let alone their age-old war against different religious faiths. They are at war with the world that they demand to control.

It even gets more absurd

Now, I hear from Islamic Al-Majd TV last year that Sheikh Abdullah Daoud threw out an inspired fatwa regarding baby girls. He came right out and said in his TV interview that female babies should be completely covered up, with their own mini burka and have a face veil….why? So they wouldn’t be sexually molested.

He backed his controversial claim by referencing the growing occurrences of sexual molestation against babies by Muslim men.

What is the answer to this apparent danger against women and now babies?

So far, the Muslim male has weighed in, including the perverted, deranged, and vocal Clerics and Imams. “Women are the problem.” “Women invite assault and rape because they show a piece of their body, face, or skin.” “Now, baby girls might get raped, unless they are completely covered.”

They already impose upon many Islamic cultures forced clitorectomies with the hopes that taking away any pleasure in sex would control their women. The burka and the veil hides their women, yet many still get raped by Muslim men. Now in Egypt and other Muslim Brotherhood-controlled areas, groups of men are being urged to go out and gang rape any protestors standing for freedom and against Morsi.

What is the real solution, given this growing sexual crisis?

If some Muslim males are so out of control that they want all women covered from head to foot to stop themselves from attacking and raping them…and now…cover baby girls to prevent raping them, it seems the rampant abuse, beatings, coverings, and surgical procedures on Muslim women aren’t doing the trick. Such men seem to be pathologically out of sexual control.

It is time for real change

Those Muslim men who lack basic sexual and moral control should be stopped. No more clitorectomies for women. No more burkas and veils for Muslim women.

How about a little surgery for the Muslim male this time?

It is time for castrations of Muslim males who pathologically abuse women sexually – whether it be their wives, daughters, or little baby girls. Why punish women for the sins of men?

Where will it ever end with Islam and its attempt to purge women’s rights, religious rights, and simple decency? It will never end, unless the media rises up and exposes the truth about Islam. It will never end until women and men rise up in Islam and demand human rights.

Join me as we take on these and other critical issues facing our country at:www.therothshow.com.

9 thoughts on “If Islamic males can’t control themselves, is castration the answer?”

  1. When I was younger, I advocated castration for rapists. Now that I am older, more worldly and aware of just what such violent people are capable of doing, I am with 1389AD on this one.
    Shoot the bastards.

    We [society in general] manages to look away when thousands of children starve, little girls are mutilated and children are taught the honour of kamikazi attacks, yet we balk at a painless death for a worthless adult male?

  2. You’re missing the point, people. Rape is a power/control crime involving a sexual act. It’s not a sex crime involving power/control. The problem is in the brain, not the testicles. Castration won’t stop it unless you castrate them right below the chin. Which, come to think of it, isn’t such a bad idea. If they’ve already raped a child, whaddayagonnado, castrate them so they won’t do it again and can be rehabilitated?! B*llsh*t, just put a lead one in their head and be done with it.

  3. The facts are its not women that are sick it’s these greasy dirty Arab men who are the sickest creatures!!

  4. Unfortunately, castration will only make an angry person. It will not take away the desire to harm a child – or another person – for their creepy allah. We should be doing massive propaganda campaigns. While our drones fly over their craplands, oh er I mean moslem lands – they should be dropping pamphlets. And they should be beeming in radio waves to fully debunk crapslam… oh er I mean islam. We haven’t a clue. islam is at war with us and we are more worried about how to shove our heads up our behinds even further in order not to offend lying scumbuckets who are masters at acting like the victims.

    The men are profoundly mentally and emotionally damaged. They are beyond hope in that they have all been inculcated into the satanic ideology of hatred and evil that is islam.

  6. The moslems’ own official justification for women covering up is in the Qur’an (Sura 33:59) which is PURE victim-blaming SLANDER – it implies the muslim men (and all men) are so at the mercy of their hormones, (like Muhammad was) that they must molest and rape any and all women they can see; so it’s always the women’s own fault for not covering up. It also says the muslim men have a duty to molest and rape all the infidel women for not covering up!

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