If there’s no place for sharia in Australia, then why is this “conference” not banned?

Amanie Australia Islamic Finance Forum 2013

Islamic Finance in Australia: Opening New Islamic Investment Opportunities

‘Guest of Honor’ is dhimmi in chief  Bill Shorten, Financial Services Minister (this guy is a menace!)

With the success and rapid growth of Islamic finance, and the recent granting of the first Islamic finance AFSL licence in Australia, the time is optimal for us to proudly host our next major international event in Melbourne, Australia. We are proud to announce the 1st Amanie Australian Islamic Finance Forum, to be held on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.  (Continue Reading)

Meanwhile,  PM JuLiar Gillard is vote whoring on the culturally enriched side of town. She calls it the “heartland” and is prepared to even sleep there. Her houseboy will be pleased.   Gillard’s expedition to Rooty Hill will cost her

2 thoughts on “If there’s no place for sharia in Australia, then why is this “conference” not banned?”

  1. More to the point – I do not want 7000 headbangers regardless of how insecure their situation is. Bringing them into my house endangers my family.

  2. They tried to bring Sharia law but that didn’t work so now they are trying to bring it in by other means, and that is by SHARIA finance interest free loans and no doubt only available to mussies, well there goes our banking industry.
    The Govt will learn from their mistake only after they are run out of parliament by Mohamed.

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