Is the Obama regime deliberately feeding the flames in Egypt?

There will never be ‘democracy’ under Islam. Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama didn’t kick off the “Arab Spring”  for ‘freedom or democracy’, he did it for Islam.  For the Moonbat Messiah, democracy means socialism under Islam. Even  in the U.S. of A. why would you want democracy when you got him already?

Wilful blindness? No. Barack Hussein deliberately set the ME on fire, that’s what ‘community organisers’ do. This is what revolution is all about.

Is the Obama regime deliberately feeding the flames in Egypt?

Victor Sharpe /American Thinker

What the Muslim Brotherhood’s victory in Egypt meant was the end of any hope on the part of secularists, women, and especially Egyptian Christians who were yearning for equal rights and the beginning of a true and enlightened fledgling democracy. Instead, they will now be forced to endure ominous Islamic Sharia law restrictions on their few remaining rights. The Brotherhood’s Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, has made it clear that to oppose the Brotherhood’s rule is to oppose Islam itself. This guarantees that millions of illiterate Egyptians throughout the country, who listen to the vitriol spewed by their Imams in Friday night sermons in the mosques, will automatically follow the Islamist line. The so-called “Arab Spring,” so avidly touted and embraced by President Obama, was never about democracy, despite the banalities expressed by so many talking heads in the Western press and media. It was always about imposing strict and oppressive Islamic law upon Egypt. And now Egypt has fallen under the same feared repressive Sharia law that Libya is slowly…. (Read Full Article)

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