Islam, an outdated and destructive force

Geert Wilders was due to visit in October but was forced to postpone because the federal government took its time deciding whether to approve his visa.

Why do we allow our enemies to dictate the narrative?

From the Border Mail:

Islamic Council of Victoria executive committee member Mohamad Tabbaa said racism was an “outdated and destructive force”.

Mohammad Tabbaa knows that “racism” has got nothing to do with it.

Islam is not a race. Islam is an “outdated and destructive force”.  Mohammad Tabbaa  knows that Islam is not a race, but he insists on flogging this dead horse because it appeals to the ignorant and the stupid. We must not allow this to go on. Nothing Geert Wilders says has anything to do with the colour of a man’s skin; we are talking about Islamofascism, a violent, retrograde ideology that  calls for jihad  and genocide, a scourge on humanity that has destroyed far better cultures throughout its miserable history.  That everyone should know, not only Islam critics. Our forebears gave their lives  for the freedom we enjoy today, it is our responsibility and holy obligation to keep the fire  of freedom burning.

Mr Kotsiras said while he supported freedom of speech he did not support the incitement of violence.

“We don’t support the incitement of violence, the incitement of hatred and we have legislation in place that covers that. But we are multicultural and we are proud of it, we have embraced it over many years and are a prime example of how it can work.”

Geert Wilders did not call for ‘violence’. No one on our side incited hatred.  Victoria’s ‘hate speech laws’ are the most oppressive in the land and need to be revoked. Everyone knows that multiculturalism is a complete and utter failure wherever its been tried  and if Kotsiras is “proud of it”  he may as well be proud of soiling himself.  If Kotsiras  is expecting violence it would come from the usual suspects and the feral rabble, and he himself would not be innocent in instigating and supporting it.

Victorian Multicultural Commission chair Chin Tan said the Dutch MP was creating disharmony by casting aspersions on Muslims.

The man must  be living under a rock. He is insulting all decent Australians. It is not us who are “creating creating disharmony by casting aspersions on Muslims”, it is Muslims who have committed unspeakable crimes against Australians; it is Muslims who have bombed us in Bali 1 & 2, it is Muslims who declared a fartwa on Geert Wilders and want him dead, it is Muslims who run amok whenever their  clerics tell them somebody drew a cartoon or made a silly movie about Muhammad.

It is Victorian Multicultural Commission chair Chin Tan who “creates disharmony” by threatening Australians not to engage in free speech; and “casting aspersions” on an ideology that  seeks to destroy us is  the right and duty of every citizen,  are we to remain a free society.

Former immigration minister Chris Bowen granted the Dutch MP a visa in October, but said his beliefs were wrong and offensive.

Former immigration minister Chris Bowen  was a complete failure and a disaster as an immigration minister.  He failed entirely to stop the boats and allowed a host of radical Islamic headbangers to enter Australia on his watch. That he had the hide to delay a visa to Geert Wilders,  a hugely popular, elected politician from a friendly European democracy is an insult to every Australian. Mr Bowen is obviously no democrat and no friend of free speech.  Mr Bowen and his beliefs are wrong and offensive. 

Andrew Bolt:

The fear around Wilders demands we hear him out

Shame, shame on the ABC yesterday.

You see, I had lunch yesterday with Dutch political leader Geert Wilders.

His chief message is that Islam as an ideology is a danger to Western values and freedoms, and particularly to our freedom to speak our minds. Read it all.

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  1. Calling racism “outdated” suggests that, at some time in the past, racism was justified.

    Nice choice of words there, akhi.

  2. Volume 9, Book 89, Number 256:
    Narrated Anas bin Malik:
    Allah’s Apostle said, “You should listen to and obey, your ruler even if he was an Ethiopian (black) slave whose head looks like a raisin.”
    So blacks are called raisin heads. Must be a very endearing term.

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