It is shameful that of all the Western democracies Geert Wilders has visited, Australia is the most repressive

Q-Society Press Conference Feb 20 2013 thanks to Vlad Tepes:

It is shameful that of all the Western democracies Geert Wilders has visited it turns out, Australia is the most repressive.

Free speech stoned to death

Miranda Devine The Sunday Telegraph

Miranda Devine came with an open mind. She left with more questions than answers, but she is willing to listen and learn. That’s a lot more than we can expect from the leftarded journaillie today.


IF you needed proof that free speech in Australia is on the run, look at what happened when Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders came to town.

With 10 per cent of the vote in Holland, Wilders is a mainstream politician, leading the third largest political party in one of the most tolerant liberal democracies in the world. Yet in Australia he is treated like a pariah, denied a visa for months, and unable to secure a venue for his speaking tour in Perth.

Instead of a “welcome to country” before he spoke to audiences in Sydney and Melbourne last week, organisers had to read aloud a statement of Victoria’s racial and religious tolerant act.

As much as anything, this curious legal requirement adhered to by the Melbourne-based Q society which hosted Wilders, explains why Australians are open to his message of creeping Islamisation.

That and the enormous security needed to guard him from assassins 24-hours-a-day.

It is shameful that of all the Western democracies Geert Wilders has visited it turns out, Australia is the most repressive.

Not only did more than 30 venues refuse to host him or cancel at the last minute, politicians denounced him and in Melbourne protesters tried to block the entrance of the function hall where he was speaking and pushed at least one attendee to the ground in violent clashes.

This of course is great publicity for Wilders. When you meet him in person, he is much more normal than his image would suggest. The shock of hair isn’t quite so yellow and he presents as a tall, well-dressed, quietly spoken, articulate politician with perfect English.

“I have no problem with Muslims,” he said reasonably on a balcony in an undisclosed location on Sydney harbour, with yachts clinking nearby, and an armed bodyguard even nearer.

“The majority of them are not extremist. But there is no such thing as moderate Islam.”

As proof he spoke of of gays being beaten up by Muslims in Amsterdam “once the most tolerant city in Europe”, of high crime statistics for Moroccan youth in Holland, the over-representation of Somalis on welfare, of suburbs looking like Mecca. In Europe he says “it is almost too late, but Australia can learn from the mistakes.”

He says although he is not religious, he feels a sense of “mission” which he loves, although he has had to sacrifice his freedom, living with his Hungarian-born wife Krisztina for nine years like a prisoner, surrounded by bodyguards, moving from safe house to safe house.

He is strongest on his attacks on cultural relativism which he calls “the biggest political disease which says that all cultures are equal.

“They are not. I’m proud to say our Judeo Christian humanist culture is much better than the barbaric Islamic culture.”

It was a message that struck a chord in Sydney, on Friday night, at speeches hosted by the Q society, which is named after the Melbourne suburb of Kew where its first meeting was held, and is dedicated to “preserving western values and making the discussion of Islam a respectable topic of debate,” says member Marshall Ahern, a Lidcombe businessman. Unlike in Melbourne, the unionists and student socialist groups protesting outside the Liverpool function hall on Friday night were fairly quiet.

“I don’t think he should be able to come here and say disgusting racist ideas,” said Amy Thomas, 26, a UTS arts student.

Inside, Wilders said he just wants the right to state his views without being killed or put on trial as he was in Holland. The threat of an assassin is real. Two weeks ago his friend, Lars Hedegaard, a 70-year-old Danish journalist and a critic of Islam, was shot at.

Wilders invited the audience to “make up your own mind on who I am and what I really stand for.”

Then he claimed Sydney was the Australian city “where Islamisation has progressed the worst.

“This city needs to hear the truth about the dangerous ideology of Islam .”

He complained that he had to wait five weeks for a visa to Australia.

But a radical sheik who calls Jews “rats, apes and monkeys or the scum of the human race” and will be visiting Sydney in a few weeks, “gets a visa within a day”.

He said he wanted to warn Australia about Islam which he claims is “predominantly a totalitarian ideology striving for world dominance.

“I believe Islam and freedom are incompatible.

“The more Islamic a society becomes the less free and tolerant it will be even when the majority of Muslims are tolerant.”

He cited suburbs in Holland, France and in Europe which have become no go zones for non-Muslims, where gays are attacked, alcohol confiscated, non-Muslim women forced to cover up, polygamy and female genital mutilation practised and the police dare not enter. Do you want all this to happen in Australia,” he asked.

“No” shouted the audience.

He claimed Australia is heading down the same path.

“Your country too is facing stealth Jihad, and Islamic attempts to introduce Sharia law bit by bit.

He pointed to a proposed “Muslim enclave in Riverstone” , a Sydney sheik “who performs female genital mutilation, women walk around in hijabs, banks offer financial services compliant with Sharia law, separate segregated swimming hours for Muslim women, universities cater to Sharia demands for students but at the same time refuse to allow me to speak at their premises.”

There was applause when he explained his platform: “No Sharia … No more mosques. No more immigration from Islamic countries.” But he received his loudest applause when he slammed as “most dangerous of all are the attempts of governments all over our Western societies to draft bills that restrict our freedom of speech under the pretext of discrimination or hate speech.

“I say we have to let the law protect us against Islam instead of selling us out to it.”

The second loudest applause came when he praised Israel.

Much of what he says about the difficulties of Muslim integration in Europe is true.

But I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel for the decent law-abiding Australian Muslims I know to sit in that room.

Miranda doesn’t explain “decent” and “law-abiding”.  We would be happy to discuss this with her.

What is wrong with a Muslim women wearing a headscarf?

Everything. If it was voluntary, we would hardly object. But it is forced on Muslim women in more ways than one, and their  unison denial doesn’t change that fact.

What is wrong with painting an arrow on the floor of a jail cell pointing to Mecca?

There is little, if any religious accommodation for non Muslims. Prisons are the for most recruiting centres for jihadists and are used as indoctrination camps.  We should not allow this to happen.

What is wrong with Muslims building a mosque to pray in?

Would we allow the KGB or the Nazis to establish their headquarters in our cities?

And why keep calling Muhammed a paedophile?

Because Muhammad was the perfect man who is to be emulated. Every good Muslim must follow his example, that’s why pedophilia will never stop unless Islam is stopped.

Some of what Wilders says is calculated to cause offence, and so if he is snubbed, he can blame himself.

Nobody has a right not to be offended, especially not Islam and Muslims, who’s practices are not only offensive, but abhorrent to any civilised society. We must not snub Geert Wilders, we must stand with him and support him.

But you don’t have to agree with everything he says to acknowledge that he has the right to say it.

Thank you so much, Miranda!

And as one audience member on Friday night said: “If he’s a far right extremist, he’s the first one I’ve heard who supports Jews and gays.”

From a commenter:

This is how Islam wins: 

How can the UK ever take back what is lost? This is textbook strategy in how to create and Islamic state.

I’d like to ask Chip Le Grand who penned “Does Islam Pose A Threat?” in the Australian just how many cancer cells does a body need to have growing in it before it becomes terminal?

That is how I see Islam in a society like ours. Instead of keeping Islam under control our society is encouraging it to grow and killing off any healthy debate that is trying to address the problem.  But debate there will be because there are too many people waking up to the real issues despite the press abdicating its responsibilities in this area. Bring it on and let Q Society be at the forefront!



9 thoughts on “It is shameful that of all the Western democracies Geert Wilders has visited, Australia is the most repressive”

  1. The headscarf: As I recall its the nikab/burka end of the spectrum Wilders warns against Miranda not the headscarf. However apart from the community pressure, backed up by the threat of honor killings, which makes this form of dress ‘wise’ there is the issue of the purpose it serves in the culture being imported (not mentioning its use as an ‘in-your-face’ form of jihad). Muslim women have to cover up because Muslim males refuse to learn self-control of their sexual instincts. The Muslim male tribal mind has suppressed that energy into its psyche where it festers and builds up resentment and a whole host of associated negative emotions. This cannot be contained forever and we saw a very mild example of what happens when it bursts forth in the Sydney riots in September.

    In short Miranda the nikab/burka is a symptom of a disease which is being imported into Australia that will be far more destructive than TB.

  2. Headscarf, niqab, burqa are an ‘in-your-face’ form of jihad.

    That is correct.

    “Muslim women have to cover up because Muslim males refuse to learn self-control of their sexual instincts.”

    Not only. It also signals to every muslim male that there is a muslima who has to behave according to the sharia, every muslim is her ‘guardian’ and protector.

  3. Disappointing, Miranda Devine. She doesn’t get it at all. Probably has “lovely Muslim friends”.
    But at least more polite than the loathsome “Weekend Sunrise ” “team” on Channel & this morning. The interviewer was an arrogant, sneering fool and the rest of the “team” were falling over themselves to denounce and laugh the loudest at Geert; their biggest mirth came from the security measures Geert needed. What a scream! Death threats, so funny! Bodyguards, what a hoot!
    What ugly, ugly people.

  4. Miranda Devine is a employee and has to dance to the tune of the Multicultural Industry or her employment be terminated .
    Australia in case you don’t know it is a nation Free From Free Speech, unless it is the speech of Multiculturalism and All Cultures Beliefs are Equal Speech.

  5. Only wish I could do more. We are we so damn complasant, once you wake up it will be too late already. Is’nt that always the case.

  6. “every muslim is her ‘guardian’ and protector.”

    Please. That is like putting a fox in charge of a hen house.

    So, in this paternal relationship between the sexes, Muslim woman have to endure their “protectors” also have to accept that these same “guardians” can distribute punishment at will via rape and murder for not keeping with Islamic cultural/social norms on how a woman should behave.

    The recent open season on Egyptian women under the Muslim Brotherhood whilst out in the cities illustrates this point.

    1. Tahrir place is a case in point: if muslim women come out protesting, they rape them and beat the crap out of them right there and then. If muslim women side with Coptic Christians, they rape both, because allah forbids the believers to take the kafirs for friends and protectors, neither can they protect them.

      Anyhow, the Christians of Egypt are yet to be annihilated, so once that’s done there is no cause for a muslimah to rebel any longer, or is there?

  7. A Quick Intelligence Test for the Media and Government:

    Dear Dhimmis:

    Do you find you have taken the evil victim-blaming immoral stance of nannystater kindergarten teachers everywhere to heart, that:

    “Attacking is always bad – even in self defense! We immoral relativists pretend to believe that: There can be no good without evil, no pleasure without pain, and no attacks without defenders!”(?)

    Is your cowardly position one of knee-jerk surrender to the moslems’ threats of violence:

    “We have to let the violent criminals do what they want to us, or else they’ll do what they want to us anyway!”

    If so, I have a few quick questions for you, and for those pretending to be “our leaders” in government:

    Q: Is it an absolute fact that there are absolutely no absolute facts? All facts are opinions?

    Q: If you attack an innocent person, who has never harmed you or others, are you a criminal – or not?

    YES – or NO?!

    (AND – If you can find that someone else did so too, does that cancel your own criminality?)!


    More specifically: Do you consider the following things (lying/fraud, extortion, torture, robbery, arson, kidnapping & ransoming, slavery, rape – including pedophilia – and murder) to be:

    a) Holy religious rights and duties;
    b) Crimes;


    c) Not sure/unwilling to answer the question (?)

    If you answered: (a) to the last question, you are a moslem; if: (b) you are sane – and probably a Conservative; and if: (c) you are a willing accessory liberal apologist enabler for the crimes of others (and so, a criminal negligent yourself)!

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