Jihad in Indonesia: Muslims attack church with Molotov cocktails

There must be some kind of Christianophobia going on there; but don’t mention it, because the real problem is  “Islamophobia”.

#MyJihad in Indonesia: Muslims attack church with Molotov cocktails

Shhh. Don’t speak about the escalating global Muslim persecution of Christians, and its roots in Islamic texts and teachings, too loudly — it might imperil the “dialogue” with Muslims who ostensibly reject this kind of thing but do nothing to dissuade their coreligionists that it is the right thing to do.

“South Sulawesi: Molotov cocktail attack on Protestant church, fear among Christians,” by Mathias Hariyadi for Asia News, February 11 (thanks to JW):

From the Religion of Peace:

‘Moderate Indonesia’: 45% of Journalists Support Sharia…

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – A group of unknown assailants attacked the Protestant Church Toraja Mamassa in Makassar, the capital of the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi with Molotov cocktails. The episode took place at 4 this morning and so far, nothing is known of the authors of the act and there are no official claims. In an attempt to set it on fire, the unknown assailants caused minor damage to the building. Investigators are focusing on Islamic extremist factions in the area, but there is no physical evidence so far.Local authorities have tightened controls and the level of security around the Christian place of worship and throughout the area. Local witnesses reported that, in the night, three unidentified people hurled Molotov cocktails at the building, then they hastily abandoned the scene of the crime. The act has caused minor damage to the walls of the structure.

The area of Makassar has long enjoyed peace and tranquility, without serious incidents linked to Islamic fundamentalism or religious tensions. However, towards the end of last year the situation changed so much that the authorities had to raise the alert level. In November, an Islamic extremist faction targeted the governor of South Sulawesi Sahrul Yasril Limpo, targeting him with a rudimentary bomb during a sporting event. In early January 2013 two members of a Muslim extremist group engaged in a shootout with police inside a mosque. The battle ended with the death of two terrorists.

From 1997 to 2001 the island of Sulawesi and the nearby Moluccas were the scene of a bloody Muslim-Christian conflict. Thousands of victims and houses were razed to the ground, hundreds of churches and mosques destroyed, and almost half a million people made refugees, of which 25 thousand in Poso alone. On 20 December 2001 a truce was signed between the two sides in Malino, South Sulawesi, through a peace plan promoted by the government. However, the truce has not stopped sporadic episodes of terror against innocent victims. Among the various cases the beheading of three girls on their way to school, at the hands of Islamic extremists in October 2005 (see . AsiaNews 29/10/2005 Indonesia: three Christian schoolgirls beheaded) raised global indignation.

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  1. Many Muslims not only in Indonesia but also thoughout the world have proven by their own actions that the claim of some people is very false. The false claim is that “Islam is a peaceful religion” Actions are what count and the action of many Muslims have thus proven by their actions that the above claim is false. Thus are the facts of reality. Furthermore, the Quran does teach ,for example, in Sura 9:112 “The believers fight in Allahs Cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed.” This is just one of many verses in the Quran that teach violence and killing.
    As for the claim that “Islam is a peaceful religion.” BULL !

  2. uh-oh!
    Regarding the quote attributed to Bill Cosby- this may have come from a false source.

    “Allegedly written by Bill Cosby — who was neither 76 nor 83 when it first began circulating — this viral rant blames the world’s problems on lazy poor people, drug addicts, Muslims, and global warming activists.”


    And the possible source, islamlies.com also has a site called—–talmud lies!

    Shem: am I incorrect in wanting to depend on the facts you present?

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