Juliar Gillard: Mr Wilders’ views “abhorrent”

We find everything about Gillard and her failed party ‘abhorrent’.

Does Australia celebrate the funeral of freedom of speech?

CHIP LE GRAND from The Australian sounds almost as if that is something to be proud about:

Doors slamming on anti-Islam MP

DEBBIE Robinson measures freedom of speech by the number of hotels and other venues that have agreed, then abruptly refused, to provide a stage for anti-Islamic Dutch MP Geert Wilders on his Australian speaking tour.

As deputy president of the Q Society, the Australian group hosting Mr Wilders in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney this week, Ms Robinson reckons the latest count is about 30. Most cite damage to their reputation, others the potential damage to walls and windows from protesters. “We are afraid we may offend people,” she said. “It is this huge fear factor.”

As recently as Friday night, the venue where Mr Wilders was booked to speak in Melbourne tomorrow night  (the Muslim owned Grand Hyatt) called Ms Robinson to cancel. Another venue has been found but the location will not be announced until 7pm today, 24 hours before the speech.

The Q Society is still trying to find a hotel in Sydney willing to make available a room for a press conference on Friday.

“He is not being allowed to speak freely,” Ms Robinson said. “It is being shut down. Whether you support or whether you differ, to me the big issue is he should be able to speak.”

The Q Society is a firm supporter of most of what Mr Wilders says. It opposes the “Islamisation” of Australia and, like Mr Wilders, it sees Islam primarily as a political ideology rather than a religion, one that is incompatible with liberal democratic traditions and the Judeo-Christian ethic.

The group is frustrated by what it says is the failure of Australian politicians to talk seriously about the threats posted by Islam and the limits that anti-vilification and discrimination laws place on public debate. “Our politicians think it is just another religion; the man on the street thinks it is just another religion,” group spokesman Andrew Horwood said. “When you actually understand it, it is substantially different.”

Julia Gillard yesterday described Mr Wilders’ views as abhorrent. (We find everything about Gillard “abhorrent”)

Former immigration minister Chris Bowen, when he granted Mr Wilders a visa in October, said while his views were offensive, Australian society could “withstand the visit of a fringe commentator”.

Obviously not, otherwise these freaks of nature wouldn’t boycott free speech.


“How dare our liberal rulers invite in and appease this political/ religious ideology of Islam?

How dare the Muslims display their base ingratitude and pathological temerity to call upon us, the architects of the most civilised, gentle, advanced and altruistic society the world has ever known, to bend to their barbaric ways? How dare these followers of a 7th century desert warrior look at our decency and our tolerance as mere symptoms of Western weakness to be duly exploited at our children’s expense? Is it really possible that we could commit our children to an Islamic future of second-class status or death, because we were too timid and too cowed to raise our voices in the face of colonisation and treason?” – Paul Weston, from Resisting Islam and Liberalism’s War Against the West (available soon).


“The Kuffar, you can go to hell”, “Christianity can go to hell”, “This is a Muslim area”, “We are coming to implement Islam”, “You’re dirty. You’re a gay mate. You’re a fag. You bloody fag.” – Muslim patrols, London, 2013


“Islam currently poses the biggest threat the Western world has ever faced. Historically, our enemies could only overthrow countries or civilisations by forming armies and mounting physical attacks against them, but today Islam is within the West, just as the Goths were once within Rome and the Greeks within Troy.” – Paul Weston, from Resisting Islam and Liberalism’s War Against the West

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  1. Given the near universal degree of fear of retaliation from Islam for a perceived slight, and given the official government line that only those who protest against Islam are wicked, what I can’t understand is why the Islamists, as few as they are here in Oz, don’t simply march into Parliament House and demand the reins of government.

    Who among our politicians would be “racist” enough, “Islamophobic” enough to offend them with a refusal? And after all, didn’t we white folks “invade” this land illegally? So what gives us the right to resist our own well-deserved and overdue destruction?

    Who among our politicians would argue for the defence of our “evil” Western culture? We have admitted for years that our culture is the source of all “sexism” and “racism”, not to mention Capitalism and its destructive effects on the weather. Surely we have argued ourselves out of any sense of self-worth or validity, and Islam on the other hand is full of confidence and self-regard.

    Simply take control, Jihadis, we will never be “racist” enough to resist you and fight for our own culture. Take over now – no one will resist.

  2. What is happening here in OZ, is proving Geert Wilders points a thousand times over.

    As to Gillard, she finds it abhorrent that Geert Wilders condemns: genital mutilation of little girls,
    pedophilia (as in child marriage),
    polygamy, legal (under sharia)
    abuse of women,
    women being literally 2nd class citizens

    She finds it abhorrent that Geert Wilders does not want those quaint islamic practices forced on us?

    Yea, thought so. Little girls, women, Christians, Westeners, moderate Muslims all will be safer when a woman who condones all the above by implication, is no longer in power.

  3. Write to that stupid woman Gillard. Her email address is readily available on the Internet. The more people who write the better and hopefully one day soon she will wake up to realise how wrong her views are and how absolutely right Geert Wilders is.

  4. We should flood that she has anything to do with twiter, farcebook, emails her front door, her taxpayer owned and driven car, the sky above the house of hot air.
    Only then she might listen the more noise we make the more she has to listen, if she doesn’t i hope she has enough money to demolish the rabbit warren to put a mosque in place.

  5. If Islam is a Religion of Peace then why does Geert Wilders have 5 body guards? The answer is if you read the Koran there are many chapters that are very violent towards the kaffir!!
    Mein Kamp and The Koran were both written by mad men!!


    Islam is ONLY an ancient, ongoing extortion-racket/ CRIME-syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it is where they say:

    “God told us to commit these crimes!”


    For elected legislators, whose only job is to defend their polulaces from disasters both natural and man made (aka crimes) to ignore and cover up the threat that islam and its moslem members pose, IS to be a willing accessory and complicit enabler of all the moslems’ own crimes against us – at best, it’s wilfully blind criminal negligence, and it’s a clear indication that those delinquents have abdicated their positions!

    They only enjoy the right to call themselves our leaders, and to live off our tax monies, so long as they agree to and carry out their corollory responsibilities to protect us! Since they don’t, they are criminal traitors!

  7. Gillard is a hypocrite and I agree with everything Rita stated in her post. Of course Gillard would literally be without a head on her shoulders if Sharia Law were in force, because this is the woman who was having an affair with a married man and thats adultery ?..adultery attracts a death penalty , this is also the same woman who has publicly likened married woman to prostitutes. Tony Abbot is just a fool ..he says Australian Muslims are Dinky Di Ozzies…can someone please introduce me to any dinky di ozzie who demands Sharia Law , and only eats Halal meat and food ,not to mention circumcises girls and views womens worth half of that of a man.I’m ashamed as a female to have a female like Gillard as the PM of this country..she’s an incloset Communist. She has initiated recruiting Islamic worshippers in Sydneys South West to run for Labour. If Gillard really wants a fair dinkum view of what abboherrent looks like , she should pick up a mirror and peer in to it and take note of what it reflects.

  8. how stupid our politicians, religion of peace stone women , behead the unbeliever, cover women and the little girls, allow sex with children and kill the enemies of their God, wait we will have terrible times in Australia when muslims increase in number and infiltrate parliament and society , I strongly agree with Geert Wilders , he is stating facts from quran and haddith wake up our freedom and freedom of speech is under extreme danger.

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