Koranimals Seek to Ban Freedom of Speech Worldwide

Spencer “disinvited”

“Bishop Robert J. McManus pulled the invitation to avoid a controversy.”

Some hero, that Bishop.  So avoiding ‘controversy’ is now a virtue of the church?

Disinvited by Worcester diocese under media and Islamic supremacist pressure, Robert Spencer will be at conference anyway

I’ll be in Worcester, Massachusetts on March 16, at an exhibitor’s table or outside if that is denied. People can see and hear for themselves if what I say is hateful or if it is just true.

Here, meanwhile is the petition that is circulating asking Bishop Robert McManus of Worcester to allow me to speak after all.

Notice that the setup here is exactly the same as in the outrageously biased and one-sided Boston Globe article: Islamic supremacists (including one who publicly proclaims himself a “friend and supporter” of convicted jihad terrorist Tarek Mehanna) hurl charges, I am allowed some space to respond, and that’s that. No one who supports me, no one who knows that my work is accurate, is ever quoted.  (More from JW, here)

Muslim group seeks to block library speech by UK ‘mosquebuster’ Gavin Boby
BY GLEN MCGREGOR, THE OTTAWA CITIZEN/OTTAWA — A Canadian Muslim organization wants the Ottawa Public Library to cancel a speech by a controversial British lawyer who advocates legal tactics to block the construction of new mosques in the U.K.

Self-proclaimed “mosquebuster” Gavin Boby is scheduled to speak at the library on Monday night, the first stop on a Canadian speaking tour that will also take him to Montreal and Toronto.

“Self-proclaimed?” LOL! As if there was a university diploma which qualifies one for “mosquebusting”. Among the journaillie you can  definitely find the dumbest swine in the land.

Boby is the founder of an organization called Law and Freedom Foundation, which he says is devoted to “resisting the tide of Islam” by using the municipal planning process to oppose the building of mosques.

Mosques, Boby contends, act as bridgeheads within Western society for the advance of Islam.–Read more: 


ACT! For Canada’s website  is given over almost entirely to discussions of Islam and terrorism, much of it highly inflammatory. The most recent edition of its newsletter, for example, claims Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a bestseller in Muslim countries.

Neither Gavin’s group nor ACT! For Canada responded to requests for comment.

If they didn’t respond they probably weren’t contacted in the first place.

Discussions of Islam and terrorism are “inflammatory?” 

Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” is a bestseller in Muslim countries, that’s a fact, not a claim. WTF happened to fact checking?