Lars Hedegaard and the despicable ‘he had it coming’ attitude by the journaillie

Just in from ‘our man in Finland’, KGS from the excellent Tundra Tabloids: Lars Hedegaard and the Enemies of Truthfulness

Dereliction of Duty

Andy Bostom: Hey FOX and The Blaze: get your acts together and highlight the Lars Hedegaard case!

The lame stream media doesn’t give a f*kc when one of their own is being assassinated, not even FOX Noise or Glenn Beck’s ‘The Blaze’. The journaillie overall has the attitude to avoid anything critical about Islam, because they know the 1.5 gazillion muselmaniacs and their enablers around the world will  exert whatever pressure they can to bully, blackmail  and intimidate the truth tellers so that everything critical of Islam goes under the rug.

Canada’s Sun TV & Michael Coren stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Last week I published Andy’s observations on the lack of interest certain US conservative outlets had in the case of Lars Hedegaard, who was nearly assassinated by a Muslim posing as a deliveryman with a package for him. The silence has been deafening at Fox News, and outside of TheBlaze’s piece by Tiffany Gabbay on Lars (which I and a few others helped to facilitate) and since that time, there has been no interview on Glenn Beck’s radio program or television station. If I’m wrong about the latter, I’ll update this post, but I’m not.

The TT’s good friend and colleague, Andrew Bostom, has been making every attempt in trying to get the conservative media to rise up and take notice of its glaring mistake and lack of good judgement, and get Lars front and center of the camera and radio microphone. A fellow journalist has been targeted, and the media we trust is just sitting their, listlessly, twiddling its collective thumbs.

What are you waiting for, an encore?

February 16th, 2013 by Andrew Bostom (thanks to TT)

Last week I noted how Michael Coren of Canada’s Sun TV was far bolder than any of his US television network colleagues in dealing with Islam’s threat to Western free speech, epitomized by Coren’s interview of Danish journalist and historian Lars Hedegaard, who survived an assassination attempt by a likely Muslim assailant, still at large. No such interview with public airing on television was conducted by any major US television network—ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN—not even the self-proclaimed “alternative” to “stultifying political correctness,”  and “champion” of free speech, The Blaze TV.

Emphasizing, yet again, the ongoing, complete dereliction of duty of not only the mainstream legacy media, but so-called conservative outlets such as Fox News and The Blaze, Michael Coren opened his follow-up interview  of Lars Hedegaard, yesterday (2/15/13), with this observation:

You [Hedegaard] should be on every single TV show. This should have been [on] the front page of every newspaper in the civilized world.

To add insult to bitter irony, as described in this news item Friday (2/15/13)from Dispatch International, which Lars Hedegaard continues to edit while in protective seclusion, and reiterated during Coren’s latest interview, Hedegaard has been compelled to sue several Swedish media (including Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet, Sveriges Television, Sydsvenskan and Helsingborgs Dagblad) for libel. The libel charge was filed with Allmänhetens Pressombudsman, (the Press Ombudsman) as well as the Chancellor of Justice.

Here is the wording that several Swedish newspapers elected to publish from the Swedish national news agency TT:

Lars Hedegaard, once convicted for racism, has been subject to an assassination attempt. An unknown man reportedly shot at Hedegaard outside his Copenhagen home. The author Hedegaard is one of the few Danes who is a certified racist [emphasis added], as he some years ago was fined by a High Court for having stated in a blog interview that Muslim fathers rape their children. He was later acquitted by the Supreme Court.

Of course Lars Hedegaard never received a “racist certification,” nor has any court verdict ever stated anything to that effect. Journalist and expert on freedom of press Nils Funcke rejected this repeated characterization as pure mendacity:

Writing in this way as if the conviction were final is nothing but an outright lie. The only existing conviction is an acquittal.