Lars Hedegaard and the Jihad Against Free Speech

Lars Hedegaard with Michael Coren

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“Hate Speech” is a full frontal assault on Freedom of Speech.  Because if you  tell the truth, you will be terrorised, vilified and dragged through the courts for leaking classified material.

In other news:

The fight for free speech in Canada is not over

Brian Lilley takes a closer look at what’s holding it up:

Here we are eight months after the bill was voted through the House of Commons and it is still not passed into law. Why?

Right now two bloggers in particular, Five Feet of Fury and Blazing Cat Fur, are dealing with legal bills that ultimately stem from their fight for a return to Canada’s longstanding legal tradition of free speech. They don’t have the cash and could use your help. Even $5 or $20 will go a long way if enough people dip into their pockets and put cash in the hat.

You don’t need to agree with everything that these two bloggers say in order to support them, that is part of the deal with free speech. They have long stood for your right to speak your mind, can you help them now that they need help?

Mark Steyn:

When the Assassin Calls . . .

Further to yesterday’s post, Bruce Bawer has a very good report on the attempted assassination of my friend Lars Hedegaard in Copenhagen:

Hedegaard opened the door and was handed a package by the guy, who then drew a pistol and shot at him. Miraculously, the gunman missed – just barely. While he fumbled with his weapon, trying to get off another shot, Lars acted fast, striking his assailant, who dropped the gun. Lars tried to shut the door, but the perpetrator stuck his foot in and managed to push it open again and to pick up his pistol. The two men struggled, and the goon finally took it on the lam.

He was last seen at the Copenhagen Zoo, which seems appropriate. We laugh at the ineptitude of these bozo jihadists, but, as the IRA taunted Mrs. Thatcher after the Brighton bombing, they only have to be lucky once; you have to be lucky every time. This time Lars was lucky. That first shot whistled past his ear — and then a spry septuagenarian clobbered “a man around 25 with a foreign background” with the phony package he’d been handed, and tenaciously fought back.

Last summer, over in Europe, I had the privilege of presenting Lars with a Defender of Freedom Award for his brave words. Yesterday morning, he was called on to defend freedom more directly. Had he died, it would have been a grievous loss. Even so, because of the folly and delusion of the European establishment, it was a close call — and not the last.

One thought on “Lars Hedegaard and the Jihad Against Free Speech”

  1. Being a forty year martial arts person, stories like this drive me nuts. He was nothing but lucky. I’m very glad he survived it, but it’s hard to believe that a man under such obvious, constant threat fell so easily for such an obvious ruse. Just another example of Islamists exploiting our stupidity. He was fortunate that this young Muslim male wasn’t a professional killer … he would have been dead. I wish I lived close to him so I could teach him how to protect himself.

    If, as an anti-Islamist, you are ever attacked (and you are not a trained martial artist) you’d damned well better try to get away, run. If you cannot, you don’t try to hit your attacker in the face, you don’t try to kick them in the groin … you try to hit them in the throat, gouge their eyes, cup slap their ears, break fingers starting with the little ones, tear their eyelids off, tear their ears off, tear their lips off, tear their nose off, pull their hair, pull their beard (against the grain of hair growth), pick up any potential weapon at your disposal (sticks, rocks, bricks, keys, anything). I could go on for hours, but I won’t. Find a good martial arts school and learn how to protect yourselves in armed and unarmed combat. Even as a martial arts person, if you are ever in a deadly assault and come out alive, you are very lucky. If not a martial arts person, you are infinitely lucky to come out of same alive. You must push the odds in your favor. Don’t leave your life up to luck.

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