Londonistan: “Unstoppable” Soldiers of Allah Implement Islam

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UK: “The police cannot stop us, the kuffar cannot stop us. We are coming to implement Islam immediately…We will implement Islam upon your own necks”

Muslim thugs are roaming the streets of London, enforcing Sharia by means of threats and intimidation — harassing people drinking alcohol and uncovered women. After the initial story broke, Muslim groups hastened to disavow the thugs (while doing nothing to stop them) and police promised to put them out of commission. This latest video taunts the police for their inability to do so.

An update on this story. “‘Christianity can go to hell’ says NEW Muslim Patrol video,” from The Commentator, February 4 (thanks to JW):

Having been exposed, here on The Commentator in January, the group responsible for the now infamous ‘Muslim Patrol’ videos has been subject to police action, resulting in five arrests last week.

Since then, however, a seventh ‘Muslim Patrol’ video has come to light (see [above]).

Though it is not possible to say with certainty that the newest video was recorded after recent media and police interest, the video features a number of comments which would suggest that the latest clip is indeed a reaction to the public backlash:

Those people attacking Muslim Patrol because of our activities against Western society are clearly misguided away from the understanding of worship of Allah“, remarks one particpant [sic].

Islam is here in London, Mr. David Cameron, Mr. police officer, whether you like it or not. We are commanding good and forbidding evil on this Saturday night, while the police, they try to get us through the media”, says another.

Also notable is a subtle difference in style. Specifically, there is less evidence of intimidation and harassment of citizens, and more time dedicated to issuing threats/stated intentions. It should also be noted that the video is replete with firearm and explosive sound-effects.

One anonymous participant, cloaked in a keffiyeh, aggressively suggests,

The khuffar [sic], you can go to hell; this is not a Christian country. Christianity, you can go to hell.”

Before boasting:

We are in East London, we are in South London, we are in North London… the police cannot stop us, the khuffar [sic] cannot stop us. We are coming to implement Islam immediately.”

He continues: “anyone who tries to stop us, we will take their alcohol, we will tell the women to cover up, and we will implement Islam upon your own necks [sic] David Cameron.”

Muslim who “helped found the National Association of Muslim Police” denied promotion because he can’t speak English properly “his media interview skills were not of a suitable standard” demands police recruit more Muslims“ethnic minorities”.

He told the BBC: “It’s about having that cultural understanding when you’re planning the firearms operation – do you understand the cultural aspects that might be misinterpreted as being aggression within a particular community?

“Do you understand when communities are praying on a particular day?” adding that having more officers from different backgrounds would also help cut translation costs.

“But ultimately it’s the right thing to do. We need to make sure that people who join feel confident that they can join different parts of the organisation.”

He had earlier told the Guardian: “We have not managed to replicate the communities we serve. Our major cities are majority ethnic minority and yet the police force remains stubbornly white.”

Source: Telegraph

10 thoughts on “Londonistan: “Unstoppable” Soldiers of Allah Implement Islam”

  1. Oh, Braggadocio,

    Like all things Muslims your false bravado, is what you are banking on; that the police will protect you and you can hide behind Multiculturalism.

    But, soon, very soon, the police will stop protecting you, and the British people ‘will’ fightback.

    Whoa betide you when the English are unleashed.

  2. If these morons are so righteous, why the need to cover their faces? Stand behind your empty words and show your faces cowards!!

  3. Agree Hill – time to take the gloves off and utterly destroy this islamic filth that is polluting our streets.

  4. I really hope that Muslim police continue with their plan to implement sharia in the UK.

    Yes, true and loyal Muslims – do not be frightened by the Kuffar police. They are nothing to allah. Victory is yours as allah is on your side.

    Things have to get a lot worse before they get better. There is only one way to stop the Jihad, and eventually destroy Islam worldwide – Separate Islam and Muslims from the West. That means all Muslims have to leave the West. This is harsh, but in the long run will save countless lives.

  5. A moron with a big mouth and inflated ego. I don’t know where he learned to speak English but he should go back to where he came from as he doesn’t belting here! If these nut jobs really think the indigenous people of these islands will sit back and take their crap, they are seriously wrong. We will fight back – it’s just a matter of time.

  6. I*d like to meet these guys alive. In October 1992 these terrorist criminals had brutally killed my uncle in Bosnian war. Relative in 1993 in projectile explosion. For the consequences of our meeting I would*t be able to be responsible.

    The Christ soldier.

  7. @kaw, sadly, the coming conflict is assured and necessary.

    DP111 is correct, the future is Division and a return to the home countries.


    Sorry for your loss. The only way a Muslim will ever face you if they have the upper hand or you at a disadvantage.

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