Londonistan, where the “celebration of diversity” worries many

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‘London will look like Islamabad in 50 years’

“Native Britons are now a minority population in London, their ancestral city. No other population group in history has voluntarily and actively sought to reduce itself to ethnic minority status in its own homeland. This is because all previous populations throughout history knew only too well that once territory is conceded to foreign populations it spelt the end for them.” – Matthew Roberts

Judges ‘sabotaged’ MPs’ bid to deport rapists and thugs

So much kumbaya and multiculti diversity calls for heavy handed protection of these progressive “achievements:”

The sellout continues:
Paul Weston reports:
Prince Charles with King Hamad on his left and the Crown Prince of Dubai, far right, at Sandhurst
Englands ‘Defender of the Faith’ wants to be known as ‘Defender of Faith’s’– but idiocy is not the only reason why Prince Charles is suspected to be in the Mohammedan camp:

Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam?

Daniel Pipes  took a real close look almost 10 years ago.

It is not just Oxford University which appears to be up for sale in exchange for Arab petrodollars, it seems even the military is bowing before Islamic finance. What sort of a country have we become? It is bad enough to accept money from a Muslim ruler with dubious human rights questions, but to drop the ancient and poignant name “Mons Hall” in favour of a Muslim and Muslim money smacks of a country with no shame and no morals pimping itself out to the highest bidder. Truly disgusting. Will we hear anything about this from our treacherous political elite? A foolish question perhaps…
Is this guy pretending they have a better grasp now?

UK pol admits that Iraq and Afghanistan adventures were hampered by “primitive” grasp of Islam

Murphy will admit that it “took too long for us to see the training of the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police as a strategic priority.”

…which shows that he still doesn’t get it.

This is certainly true. I warned in March 2003 that the idea of bringing democracy to the Middle East was unrealistic (at best), and over the years here at Jihad Watch Hugh Fitzgerald wrote many times about the folly of the Iraq and Afghanistan projects, and how that folly was based on a faulty understanding of Islam, emanating from the Bush Administration’s acceptance of the Armstrong/Esposito/CAIR propaganda line about Islam being a religion of peace, etc.

Now Jim Murphy acknowledges that the failure of both adventures stemmed from an inadequate understanding of Islam, and in response he recommends…more of the same.

“Iraq war plan based on ‘primitive’ grasp of Islam, admits Labour frontbencher,” by Nick Hopkins in the Guardian, February 13:

Labour has conceded for the first time that a “primitive understanding” of the Islamic world caused some of the problems faced by the west in Iraq and Afghanistan, and warned David Cameron his response to the terrorist crisis in north Africa shows he has not learned the painful lessons from those conflicts. More on Hampered by “primitive” grasp of Islam

One thought on “Londonistan, where the “celebration of diversity” worries many”

  1. Re: “The primitive grasp of islam” – is there any other kind?!

    The Bitish people have long been accustomed to being servile forehead knuckling serfs, kow-towing to their stiff upper crust “betters.” They were dhimwits long since made ripe for islamic takeover by their own caste system; only their colonies, being composed of genetic rebels, ever really had any chance of breaking free of hidebound traditions and the straightjackets of superstitious and reverential idolatry, which always insist on individual humans deferring their right and responsibility to think for them selves to large groups of others.

    Britain has long circled the drain, and the latest islamic infections in Londad, Englistan only confirm what the rest of us have long known: the Bitish are doomed.


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