Moral Depravity

Euro-dhimmies pressurise Bulgaria not to name  Hezbollah in terror attack

The United States considers Hezbollah a terrorist organization. The EU does not, and linking the group to the Bulgarian attack will increase pressure on it to do so. France and Germany had pressured investigators not to publicly name Hezbollah as responsible for the bombing, according to a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the news media….

Hezbollah Behind Jewish Bus Bombing in Bulgaria

Pamela Geller:

Here’s the thing. Europe never had a moral compass. Europe lives free thanks to the blood and treasure of America. They are in no position of moral authority. And they should have nothing to say expecially where slaughtered Jews are concerned.

The Commentator has exclusively learned that today, the Bulgarian government will implicate, though likely not name the terrorist group Hezbollah in its report on the 2012 bus bombing that has been the subject of much speculation over the past six months.

The Commentator has learned that both the German and French governments have both piled pressure on the Bulgarians to “use nuanced language” in the report, for fear that Bulgaria may be the focus of future attacks if Hezbollah is openly named.

The Bulgarian government, it has been stated by leading sources, has been informed through ‘back channels’ that there will be serious repercussions from Hezbollah if it is to publically and overtly name the group. This information comes despite strong pressure from the US government to make clear that the bombing was indeed the work of the Lebanese terrorist outfit.

Europe is aligned with the jihad force. They have turned over the continent to those who vow to destroy Western Civilization.–Euro-trash pressurizes Bulgaria  not to name Hezbollah in Israeli bus bombing 

The Caliphate News Networx Promotes Jihad

Watch this long and silly CNN piece with no connection to reality at all, or to the 270 million victims of jihadi wars, land appropriations and enslavement. Why didn’t the silly reporter ask Nihad Awad about his attendance with the annihilationist Ahmadinejad at the OIC sharia summit in Cairo this week? And the BBC did a full hour of coverage on the BBC.

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Anti-Gun Educrats Gone Wild    (Moonbattery)

An essential item on liberals’ agenda is to condition the next generation to regard firearms in the hands of private citizens with hysterical horror.  The next generation will look at us in disgust.

It’s nice to see teachers are instilling respect for the First as well as the Second Amendment.

UN told to f*kc off:

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