Moscow: large scale razzia nets hundreds of Islamic terror suspects


Thanks to Vlad we got video:

Actual Arrests:

Syrian ‘freedom fighters’ are Chechen Jihadis

Russian authorities launched a large-scale operation against suspected terrorism supporters. During the offensive, in which the Russian FSB (Secret Service) was involved, several hundred suspects were arrested.  Many were  later released.

271 remain  in custody, they are Muslims exclusively and their arrests seem to corroborate the allegations, however.


It was a large-scale nighttime razzia in the center of the Russian capital. Because of a suspected terrorist plot in St. Petersburg nearly 300 Muslims have been arrested. The 271 suspects included Uzbek, Afghan, Egypt, Tajik and Azerbaijani citizen,  the investigating agency said on Saturday. (More in German from PI)

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  1. Russia is quietly dealing with a problem it knows will get far worse.

    Russia knows how to deal with such problems.

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