MuBro Front CAIR: Prosecuting Islamic Terrorists Alienates Muslims

Hamas-CAIR: Prosecution of US Muslim Christmas Tree Lighting Bomber ‘Alienates Muslims’

Pamela Geller:

Jury verdict is in GUILTY. But Muslim Brotherhood CAIR says the prosecution “alienates Muslims.”

Mohamed Mohamud pushed the button twice. It failed to detonate, thanks to FBI surveillance programs (that very ones CAIR is working fiercely to stop).

Ibrahim “Fibby” Hooper, communications director for The Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the case could alienate the Muslim community, but was quick to say that “nobody wants to see any possibility of any sort of violence by a lone wolf.”

“I think convictions in these kinds of cases are almost forgone conclusions based on the government’s actions. They are the same in each case,” he said.

Muslims claim Islam is a mercy to all mankind .. 

Now that’s a humdinger, a real mother for ya….

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  1. Mercy ?? Islam is a plight upon mankind .. certainly no mercy. Is that photo for real – because that muslima has severe health problems!!!

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