Norwegian Whackjob: we have no right to control a territorial area

Norway’s leading expert on “territorial rights” would allow persecuted group of people to form their own state on Norwegian soil:

Universities in Norway are full of professors and lecturers with backgrounds from radical communist organizations. But even here, Kim Angell’s Moonbattery stands out:

The questions asked by Argument were as follows: “Do we as Norwegians have the right to decide who crosses our borders, and is there a valid moral argument that gives us the right to control a territorial area?”

Angell believes that being born in Norway is like winning the lottery ten times. “It is one thing to be children of privileged parents; it is something else to be born a Norwegian. The latter is like winning the lottery ten times.”  Consequently he claims that it is morally problematic to close the borders to refugees, as this would constitute defending our luck.  (GoV)

Somewhere in Arabia, Muhammad must be laughing in his grave.

More from the ‘Religion of Peace:

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  1. People in academia should be forced to work in the real world at least 20% of the time … work sabbaticals to get their heads screwed on straight and the work can have nothing to do with their expertise or involve teaching, writing, lecturing, etc. For instance, force them to work with Muslims doing manual labor.

  2. Having seen the Mali vidio I can only say terminate all islamists with maximum prejudice – send the murdering cowards to hell.

  3. “We abdicate our right to be a country! We have no rights!”

    …leaves only THIS:

    “Only moslems have the allah-given right to control all the territories of the world under the ummah to be ruled by their theocratic caliphate government!”

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