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What Planet Does John Kerry Live On? 

Kerry: ‘I Have Big Heels To Fill’

The two-day old tenure of Secretary of State John Kerry got off to a flying start today with an astonishing statement from his ambassador to Egypt, Anne W. Patterson, at a joint ceremony in Cairo to mark the delivery of four American-made F-16 aircraft:

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne W. Patterson.

Today’s ceremony demonstrates the firm belief of the United States that a strong Egypt is in the interest of the U.S., the region, and the world. We look to Egypt to continue to serve as a force for peace, security, and leadership as the Middle East proceeds with its challenging yet essential journey toward democracy. … Our thirty-four year security partnership is based upon shared interests and mutual respect. The United States has long recognized Egypt as an indispensible [sic] partner.


(1) Is not anyone in the Department of State aware that Egypt is now run by an Islamist zealot from the bowels of the Muslim Brotherhood whose goals differ profoundly from those of Americans?

(2) Willfully ignorant, head-in-the-ground statements like this are the embarrassment and ruin of American foreign policy.

(3) What a launch for Kerry, whose mental vapidity promises to make Hillary Clinton actually look good in retrospect. (February 3, 2013)

Biden: U.S. Open To Direct Talks With Iran

(CNN) – Under the right conditions, the United States is willing to hold direct talks with Iran, Vice President Joe Biden said Saturday. The United States “would be prepared to meet bilaterally with the Iranian leadership,” he said during a speech at the Munich Security Conference.

U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan: Taliban can be part of Afghanistan’s future

Me thinks the U.S. is becoming a part of the Talibandit “culture”.

Surrender. “Taliban can be part of Afghanistan’s future, says US envoy to Pak,” from ANI, February 1 (thanks to JW)

Olson said that the end result of any process must be that the Taliban end violence, break ties with Al-Qaeda and accept Afghanistan’s Constitution, and if this happens, the Taliban can be a part of Afghanistan’s future, reports The Express Tribune.

Poster Gravenimage nails it:

“Accept Afghanistan’s Constitution”—even under Karzai, that has meant that there is the death penalty for apostasy and that Hazara men may legally rape their wives. The “Constitution”, in fact, posits that *nothing* may trump Islamic law.

How will *that* be interpreted once the presence of the civilized Americans no longer serves as a (partial) brake to Islamic savagery?

The above, is, of course, a rhetorical question. If we want to know what Afghanistan would look like under such conditions, we need only cast our minds back a scant twelve years.

What was Afghanistan then? It was *hell on earth*.

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  1. If the “Taliban can be part of Afghanistan’s future, says US envoy to Pak,” then why is the US over there trying to wipe them out ????

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