Racism, #MyJihad, Muslim Outreach & Justin Biebers Penis

Don’t call this darling of the left a bully:

 Christopher Dorner, a former Los Angeles police officer who went on a shooting rampage and killed three people  is now believed to be hiding in California’s snow-covered mountains. DON’T CALL HIM A BULLY  (Jesse Jackson Senior feels Christopher Dorner’s pain and Charlie Sheen wants him to call….)

Eager Bieber

“Honest Media”

Coulter: ‘You Really Wonder If Democrats Would Win Any Elections If We Had An Honest Media In This Country’– Read More

Israeli officials are convinced Hussein Obama is coming to Israel for the first time in over four years to warn Netanyahu against attacking Iran.
If it wasn’t for whites, blacks would be the most talented people in the world:
One of them is Eric Holder:
 After calling Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama “Our Lord and Savior” at last November’s Soul Train Awards, Foxx, during his acceptance speech as Entertainer of the Year at last Friday’s NAACP Image Awards, said, “Black people are the most talented people in the world” 
Creepy Crowley offended:
On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, host Candy Crowley asked her guests, “Do you find anything offensive with” what the doctor said or did —Read More
Coming from a c*#%t like her:
#My Jihad:

Chicago is emerging as the city on the cutting edge of Muslim outreach in America.