Rape, Hijab, Chastitiy, Hijabbed Children & Homosexual Imperialism

British model, 25, breaks down in tears of joy as her Moroccan  rapist is jailed for 23 years

A British woman who was raped at knifepoint and left for dead said she ‘couldn’t be happier’ after her attacker was jailed for 23 years yesterday.

Hijab is “catalyst for Islamic terrorism”  riles muselmanic granny

“If that’s not hateful and inciteful speech, I don’t know what is,” she said.

 Homosexual Imperialism

Homosexuality Is A Western invention imposed on Africa and the Maghreb, via an “imperialism of lifestyles” Claim Sophisticated French Leftists    (Thanks to BCF)

Communists love counter-culture people, until they get power. Then its all over for the gays and hippies.

This is the thesis that develops in a part of the extreme left, during France’s gay marriage debate. Creepy.”

“Project Chastity”

Algeria launches ‘hijab’ campaign for minor girls

Radical Kuwaiti preacher Nabil al-Awadhi is scheduled to attend the ‘chastity’ ceremony on April 12 in Algeria’s el-Boulaida where the Islamic headscarf will be introduced to little girls who are “convinced” by preachers, sociologists and psychologists to wear it.

Maldives: you can have any kind of democracy as long as its Islamic

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has said that the Maldivian democratization project is demonstrating to the world that democracy and Islam can exist in harmony.

2 thoughts on “Rape, Hijab, Chastitiy, Hijabbed Children & Homosexual Imperialism”

  1. I find the statement of the muslims in the malidives amusing because you can have democracy or you can have islam – they are fundamentally incompatible. Clearly the ignorant muslims do not understand what democracy means but they still speak their BS with confidence and conviction. Look at what most muslims say – pull their words to pieces and you will find that they understand little and that there is little truth in what they claim. They are lying because they have been taught to protect the evil that passes for islam, and that no cost is too great for that “ticket to paradise”. islam is the worlds greatest evil – it uses fear to propogate and to quash any critical analysis on its structure.

  2. According to their Qur’an itself (sura 33:59) moslem men are supposed to have no control over their libidos, (exactly like Muhammad) and so they are supposed to molest and rape every women they see … which is why they blame their women for not covering up.

    That same sura says they “must” rape all the non-covered infidel women, and since this is the Qur’an, it is the official word of allah.

    Allah commands all moslem men to rape all infidel women… it’s right there in the Qur’an!

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