Roxon defeated by the free speech she tried to gag

All these deceitful, free-speech hatin’ cocksuckers should be stripped of  their ill gotten wealth and put to work digging trenches. Its time to irrigate Australia’s deserts.

Unfortunately, Roxon’s defeat doesn’t mean we have a first amendment waiting around the corner. For that,  we still have a long way to go. What  should really worry us is that the opposition, who should be speaking out forcefully, is eerily silent. Not a good sign.

Janet Albrechtsen:

‘Nicola Roxon’s humiliating backdown should be a textbook example of why free speech matters’

Roxon defeated by the free speech she tried to gag     (Andrew Bolt)

One thought on “Roxon defeated by the free speech she tried to gag”

  1. The IPA – The Institute of Public Affairs – is populated by Liberals and like-minded people. Have a look !

    In Wiki, under that name, it says of its history:

    The IPA was founded in the early 1940s, partly in response to the collapse of Australia’s main conservative party, the United Australia Party.[original research?] The IPA was one of a number of groups which came together to form the Liberal Party of Australia, and became an important fund raising body for the Liberal Party in Victoria.[3] The IPA returned to prominence as a thinktank in the 1990s, following a merger with the Australian Institute of Public Policy, headed by John Hyde who became Executive Director.[citation needed]”

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