Sarah Hanson-Young: Not Illegal Welfare Parasites, Free Speech is the Problem…

Her appetite to self-destruct is insatiable.

Opposing Labors ongoing failures is  worse than being raped by  third world welfare parasites:

Sarah Hanson-Young is a  menace to human rights by calling in the speech police to punish opinions she doesn’t like:

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young will file formal complaints with the Australian Communications and Media Authority over recent comments made by ‘’shock jocks’’ about asylum seekers.

As the storm over opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison’s call for asylum seekers living in the community to be monitored by police and conform to ‘’behaviour protocols’’ entered its second day, Senator Hanson-Young also called for parliamentarians to stop vilifying asylum seekers and refugees.

The Greens’ eagerness to censor betrays the party’s totalitarian instinct.– Greens move to censor more free speech  (Andrew Bolt)

She stands infront of the camera saying she’ll bring a Bill forward to stop the vilification of refugees

The Bill simply says – we will reject vilification.

But she supports vilification of people who question her climate junk science.

She supports the vilification of the rich.

She supports the vilification of the miners.

Basically she vilifies anyone who does not agree with her.


In addition – the Greens tells us they’ve broken off with the ALP.

Yesterday – Garrett used the words “dog whistle” over and over again.

Today – Hanson-Young parroted the “dog whistle” line over and over again.

Please tell me:  is there something wrong with monitoring illegal welfare parasites?

Mr Scott Morrison said the government had ”no idea” where 8700 people released on bridging visas pending assessment of their refugee claims were living, and it was ”very reasonable” to ask why asylum seekers were not released with reporting requirements similar to offenders released on bail.

Meanwhile, JuLiar Gillard is soliciting election help in Sydney’s enriched zone:

At least ten Sri Lankans are sleeping in converted offices in a single storey house that formerly was home to a drafting and engineering business in Marion St.

Maybe the PM will engage with them. She might also consider some of the west’s unique local customs:

Four men have been found guilty of giving a Sydney electrician 40 lashes with a cable, which they said was a punishment under Islamic law for drinking alcohol and using drugs.

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  1. I don’t mean to sound racist/snobbish/whatever, but when did that kind of face become the face of leaders in the Western world? That face reminds me of…potatoes…

  2. @PJG: please dont offend potatoes, I like them 😉

    The need for attention of this hyphenated woman is pathological. She must have been a Konzentration Camp guard in her former life, it still shows.

  3. To be frank, she looks like a bully, so she should fit right into the (Left) Green party and their affinity for totalitarianism.

  4. Total (itarian) CONFORMISTS; extortionists; criminals…! Bullying, intimidation, coercion, duress, terrorism – all the same crime-tactic!


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