“Sex under the burqa” Naomi Wolf to join Al Jazeera


Wolf, a “radical feminist”, Al Goracle, a hysterical global warming shyster, and  Qatar’s jihad propaganda TV in bed with al Qaeda? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Wolf has written columns for Al Jazeera and the  extreme left Guardian in the past.

Her hypocrisy is breathtaking:

“As an American who cares about civil liberties, it’s good for all of us that the Guardian and Al Jazeera are doing the work they’re doing,” she said. “It is good for civil society in America.”

Here a sample of Naomi’s brainfarts:

Naomi Wolf, the author and activist, is in early-stage talks with the global news network Al Jazeera, POLITICO has learned.

Wolf, who currently writes a column for The Guardian, confirmed the news late Thursday night but stressed that the talks were in the earliest stages and that no job offer was on the table.

“It’s extremely informal and very, very preliminary,” she told POLITICO.

Wolf is in a non-exclusive employment with the Guardian and has written columns for Al Jazeera and other news outlets in the past. She and The Guardian recently agreed that she would scale back her column duties — from weekly to monthly — due to her thesis obligations at Oxford, where she is a graduate student. (The Huffington Post reported earlier today that she would be ending her weekly column duties, but did not specify the terms of the new arrangement.)

“Naomi will be a contributor to the Guardian, and write as her other commitments allow,” a Guardian spokesperson told POLITICO.

A spokesman with Al Jazeera did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the talks, which is understandable given the late hour.

Al Jazeera, a Qatari-owned news network, bought Current TV from Al Gore earlier this yearin an effort to expand its reach in the American market. Al Jazeera plans to announce the launch of an American-based network, called Al Jazeera America, later this year and has set about on a hiring spree to bulk up American-based staff. Wolf would be its first high-profile hire.

In addition to her columns, Wolf is an author of books including “The Beautiful Myth,” a best-seller that established her as a spokeswoman for third-wave feminism, and “Vagina: A New Biography,” published in 2012.

Wolf described her relationship with The Guardian in glowing terms: “It’s wonderful,” she said. “I love The Guardian and Al Jazeera English. I think they’re both doing some of the best journalism out there. It’s notable and kind of sad that non-U.S. based news sites are able to run pieces of mine that don’t as easily find a home in American publications.”

“As an American who cares about civil liberties, it’s good for all of us that the Guardian and Al Jazeera are doing the work they’re doing,” she said. “It is good for civil society in America.”

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7 thoughts on ““Sex under the burqa” Naomi Wolf to join Al Jazeera”

  1. By the looks of it, Wolf is getting ripe for “re-version” – she is getting fat and peri-menopausal – nothing that a burka-the-full-catastrophe couldn’t fix.

  2. Just another stupid white woman craving filthy third world head banger penis.
    Oh, my, is that too harsh?

  3. RE: Behind the veil lies a thriving Muslim sexuality” article.

    I stopped at the first paragraph, as there is no point in going any further.

    You can really tell how unimaginative and limited a feminist writer is, when she has to bring up the Madonna- Whore (Complex) binary in the first paragraph.

    Seriously, who is playing into gender stereotype now? Because, the article infers and perpetuates in the first paragraph alone that women must always prescribe to one or the other.

    Furthermore, I thought, one aspect of Feminism was about a women owning her sexuality and not feeling ashamed of it or her body. Yet, that is exactly what her first paragraph infers, that the poor virgins (the modest female Muslim via the chador) are assaulted by the big, bad open sexuality of the Western woman. Thus, their delicate mores are offended.

    Thanks Naomi. Way to go, thanks for continuing the perpetuation of cultural stereotypes that all Western women are whores.

    And there is no creative thought (scholarship?) that pushes beyond the binary stereotype that could potentially create a third possibility that it is possible for women to be neither and that their is an existence of a middle ground.

    Lastly, one of the most galling aspect of that first paragraph alone is her faux sympathy for virginal sensibilities. If a young women had the courage to advocate those same “modest” principles in any Women Studies class across the Western Universities, she would be mocked and derided by both the teacher and her peers and being a prude, uptight and hating her body, in some way or another.

  4. Truthful Titles we won’t soon be seeing from Woof:

    “Behind the FGM, lies a total lack of Muslima sexuality.”

    SO – what do leftists and moslems REALLY have in common? Their false, idolatrous “belief” in Conformity (Submission) to authority; that ‘religious’ impulse to avoid real human self-reliant responsibility by blaming the ideal idea (idol) of “the group”for their lack of it.

    Conformists are all criminals; gangsters who promote their slanderous victimology scenarios and hiding behind their group-might-makes-right “argumentum tu quoque” fallacies: “Evil isn’t evil because we all do it!” and their idolatrous excuses for their crimes: “I didn’t do it – only The Group did it!* Whee!”

    They’re all infantile delinquents, always trying to assert their false “right” to remain irresponsibly wrong. *aka: “Only The Procedures did it!” and/or: “It was a Systemic Problem – none of us humans did it; Only The System did it! Whee!” (Idolatry is any excuse to avoid human self-reliant responsibility … especially for those criminals who pretend the best defense is a good offense).


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