Shock Horror: “the overwhelming majority of those on No-Fly list are Muslims!

Targeted bannings

An identified trend has seen Muslims and those who claim ethnic descent from majority-Muslim countries being overwhelmingly targeted for seemingly inexplicable placement on these lists. (Al Jizz)

New Zealand First MP Richard Prosser: Ban Muslims From Flights!

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He accepted that most Muslims are not terrorists, but said it’s “equally undeniable” that “most terrorists are Muslims”.—Not all Germans were Nazis either.

Wresting Islam from Islamists

Hamid Dabashi is no shiite, but full of it:

In Europe and the United States, rampant Islamophobia has given rise to a new generation of resistance by Muslims – immigrants or born and raised in their new homelands – who are not going to be intimidated by the vile racism of people like Michele Bachmann, Pamela Geller, or Geert Wilders, and are striking back with reason, sanity and magnificent creativity, categorically, for example, reclaiming the concept of Jihad for asserting their identity against an incessantly hostile and vicious environment.    (al Jizz)

‘Muslim Patrol’ police London streets

A group of Muselmaniacs are attempting to create ‘Muslim zones’ in East London.

The prevalence of these incidents is growing, and now some local shops are allegedly afraid to sell alcohol or employ uncovered women. Five men involved in the attacks have been arrested. (The Muselmanic comments are so twisted it makes your head spin.)

Amoral Equivalence or Institutionalised Perversion?

Israeli Textbooks Described as Equally Hateful

You can find it here. Read the truth here.
Two kinds of justice in Spain:

France: Prisons Full With Mohammedans

As the number of French prisoners is expected to break a new record this month, Muslims account for 70 percent of inmates despite making only 5-10 percent of the population, IRAN Press TV reports.

3 thoughts on “Shock Horror: “the overwhelming majority of those on No-Fly list are Muslims!”

  1. Richard is being hounded in NZ by all the dhimmi , dimwit , hypocritical politicians in NZ…All he did was speak the truth..I have met him several times..he is a good guy.
    The mullahs are complaining to the Human Rights commission.

  2. I have always said and say again…..this will, and rightfully so, come to blood.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. RE: The Video Above….

    This ridiculous piece, so typical of “Al Jazeera Media” (The Voice of The Muslim Brotherhood) and passed off as “journalism”, stacks the entirety of the debate in the favour of the apologists for these Muslim patrols, a debate which objects to the opinions and assertions of the one lone objector as “racism” and “hatred towards Islam”. While Jane Kelly provides an opposing view, I notice that the show was loathe to invite the participation of a heavyweight like Robert Spencer, Tommy Robinson or Douglas Murray.

    The benefit of this video is it gives you an insight into the whitewashing and ignorance of criminality and Muslim violence by so called ” good Muslim moderates”. You cannot help but notice that any criticism, justifiable criticism, of Muslims is condemned as “racism” and “hate”.

    At 09:03 in the video when the “moderate Muslim” from Ebrahim College, Shams Adduha Muhammad, is asked a direct answer as to the wrongness or rightness of the criminal actions, actions bordering on violence, of the Muslim patrols, he refuses to immediately and unequivocally condemn the actions instead lapsing into a soothing manipulative mitigation of the same.

    At 12:15 of the video the leader of the Sharia Project (a twin group to the Muslim patrols) speaks the truth when he says that “as a Muslim living here it doesn’t mean because that I live in a place that I must adopt the way that certain people live….I will always abide by Islam”

    At 15:16 of the video the Muslim woman, Shelina Janmohamed, is purposely ignorant of the massive number of similar incidents across Europe, the UK and Russia. Predictably, she characterises this trend of violent intimidation in London as a very isolated “one time ” incident that, essentially, can be attributed to a handful of high-spirited, misguided youth.

    At 23:00, Abu Abbas, leader of the Sharia Project, utterly refuses to condemn the intimidation and violence of not only the Muslim patrols but the Muslim violence across Europe.

    At 24:03, Wais Islam, a former British politician, jumps back into the fray offering yet another bold and ridiculous lie, he says, “I think its very important for your viewers to know that Muslims on the whole strongly, in the strongest terms possible, condemn the actions of Muslim patrol.

    At 31:32 Wais Islam,again, engages in bald faced lies and draws the weapon of “Islamo-Speak” throwing the words “islamophobe, racism, racist and hate” into his sneering condemnation of Jane Kelly’s reasonable, factual, truthful and reality based criticism of all things “Muslim” in Britain today.

    Mr. Islam then perfects the Koran ordered tactic/technique of Taqiya (sanctioned lies told to infidels/kuffar), dons the garb of the poor persecuted Muslim, and compares Jane Kelly’s criticism to the actions of the jackboot crowd in Germany who attempted to stuff the entirety of Jewry head first into ovens and in so doing, he boldly ignores the fact that it was the leader of the Islamic world, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who was strutting around Berlin with Adolf Hitler as these two human rights champions, were putting the finishing touches on a proposed franchised network of ovens/concentration camps to be set up across north Africa and the Middle East……to deal with those pesky Joooooz.

    For evidence to the contrary regarding “the good Muslim’s condemnation of violence”, one has to simply listen to the deafening silence of Muslim condemnation of Islamic violence, aggression, threats, extortion, intimidation, murder and terrorism, deafening silence that echoes around the world. Look no further than every one of these “Muslim community leaders” on this show and not one single one of them gave a 2 minute detailed list of the mind numbing array of Muslim sponsored violence that has blossomed across the Western world, preferring instead to sing the praises of “Muslim Snow Patrols”. How rich.

    The reality is that Islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology that has at its very core aspirations of total global domination and supremacy and in order to achieve that it will use anything in its power from violence, threats, infiltration, lies, historical revisionism and manipulation, lawfare, aggression, extortion, murder and terrorism.

    One has to look no further than the past 1400 years to see that Islam is now as it has always been; backward, ignorant, brutal, crude, insignificant, savage, vulgar, incoherent, primitive, deviant, perverse and universally despised and mocked.

    To answer the moderators question regarding “fear of Islam and Muslims” read this: Islam and Muslims are mocked, laughed at, ridiculed, feared, loathed, and hated because they have diligently, over 1400 years, cultivated exactly those emotions and sentiments in every civilized person, culture or society they have encountered. They have not only earned our revulsion of them, they richly deserve it.

    As for peace, the “peace” Islam talks about is the peace Muslims will enjoy once they have placed their bootheels on the necks of the entirety of humanity.

    As such, there can be no cohabitation with Muslims, as they themselves are totally incapable of that. Muslim assimilation into mainstream society is a concept both ridiculous and farcical but also one that, for the misguided self-loathing, politically correct, multicultural Liberal…..fatally injurious.

    Considering the nature of Islam and Muslims, correctly and accurately compared to a vicious, ravenous, incurable cancer, the treatment and cure of our Islamic affliction must mirror the treatment and cure of a cancer; it must be completely and totally, to every single last vestige, in every single form and function, be isolated and removed from all western countries. That isolation and removal must be unswerving and must speak of an unmistakable sense of permanence and finality.

    To do anything less is ridiculous. To do anything less is suicidal.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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