Shocka: Wilders doesn’t preach hatred…!?

Victoria’s yuman rites spokesturd Chin Tan is looking forward to complaints so that he can inflict terror on free speechers:

CONTROVERSIAL anti-IslamicDutch MP Geert Wilders may have created a lot of heat during his Melbourne visit this week, but no complaints have been received by the state’s human rights watchdog.

Victorian Multicultural Commission chairman Chin Tan had warned that Mr Wilders faced possible prosecution under the state’s religious hatred laws if his comments were out of line.

Mr Chin Tan should be prosecuted for treason & subversion. The freedom of speech is non-negotiable. He is welcome to piss off to China or wherever he came from if he wishes to live under a totalitarian system.

Sydney seeing ‘Islamisation’, Wilders says

 Firebrand Dutch MP Geert Wilders has told supporters in Sydney’s west that the ideology of Islam is dangerous, while claiming Australia is seeing an “Islamisation” of its cities. (22 Feb 2013)

# Story and video at SBS thanks to Mullah

Mr Tan said action could only be taken if official complaints were made, and he suggested that police could also monitor his comments.

In Melbourne, Mr Wilders called for an end to mass migration from Islamic countries and referred to the prophet Mohammed as “a warlord, a terrorist, a paedophile”.

But the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has confirmed that no complaints about Mr Wilders have been received.

However, the commission did get an inquiry about the politician, whose Party of Freedom is the third biggest political force in the Netherlands.

Mr Wilders was forced to cancel a public meeting in Perth yesterday after a hotel scrubbed his booking.

He is due to speak in Sydney today.

About 600 people attended a meeting on the outskirts of Melbourne on Tuesday night.

Scuffles broke out when a group of Leftist protesters tried to stop people entering the venue.

5 thoughts on “Shocka: Wilders doesn’t preach hatred…!?”

  1. Many Muslim has held multiculturism hostage to a great degree today in Australia, undo the many good works of multiculturaism by other religion and race with their blind faith in bent Islam ideology. Chin Tan, a chinese background himself, surely know that no other religion or race that has caused as much damage to multi-culture as the many local muslim had done here.

    We thank Gert Wilder and Q society for speaking out on a subject that many of us are talking in private today.

  2. A Chinese,
    It does not help if you keep your concerns behind closed doors. If you really want to help then you need to tell the media and the politicians your concerns. If only one does this they will not listen but the community is stronger: if a significant number of the community do then things can be changed through the process of law and through open discussion. I know many people in Australia of Asian heritage, and they are concerned about the vile behaviour of a significant number of muslims in Europe, the USA and at home. However they do not express these concerns openly. It is, partly, a piece of cultural baggage. If we are to hand a brighter future to our children then we need to break these bonds and stand up to be counted. A significant danger to non-muslims exists at the core of the muslim belief system, and only muslims can change this – people are right to be concerned
    but silence will not induce muslims to start thinking for themselves and to understand what they are actually doing.

  3. I keep wondering why the human rights commission don’t go after islam for what is in sharia and the koran/sunnah? Or that so many moslems still treat women, gays, non-moslems so terribly and that the moslems still have slaves in many of their nations that has no religious freedoms. I wonder why? ($$)

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