“Suicide bombing the most lofty form of Jihad”

“Suicide bombing the most lofty form of Jihad”


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Girls Should Wear the Hijab from the Age of Two


Archival – Saudi Cleric Abdullah Daoud: Girls Should Wear the Hijab from the Age of Two

Following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi cleric Sheik Abdullah Daoud, which aired on Al-Majd TV and was posted on the Internet on April 1, 2012:

Sheik Abdullah Daoud: The prevalent custom among Muslims of the countries of East Asia is to make girls start wearing the hijab in the second year of their lives. This has motivated us to compete with them, and we will start our girls wearing the hijab even earlier.

We should not consider this to be without precedent. In many countries, in East Asia, for example, Muslims are distinguished by their hijabs and the hijabs of their daughters. Some of these countries have more than one religion.

Let me say to the viewers: We want this too. We do not want to see revealing and shameful clothing, especially when girls start to develop and fill out, and show signs of beauty, and so on. You find that she is in a state of exposure and nudity. I think we know that there are fatwas that forbid this, even if they have not yet reached the stage of puberty. Whenever the girl is an object of desire, the parents have the duty to cover her up with a hijab.

Suicide bombing 

Following are excerpts from an interview with Ja’far Abd Al-Salam, secretary-general of the Islamic Universities Association, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on January 21, 2013.

Ja’far Abd Al-Salam: The spirit of resistance is nurtured by the ideology of Islam. “Allah purchased from the believers their lives and their property, in return for Paradise.” For a Muslim, life is worthless unless it is given away and spent for the sake of Allah. This culture is nurtured by Islam and by patriotism.


Only great pain makes a great man. The great pain of martyrdom leads to the great reward of Paradise. Brother, this culture does not exist in the West, because Westerners value human life very much.

Interviewer: They focus on the material at the expense of the spiritual.

Ja’far Abd Al-Salam: Maybe you have noticed that the thing that frightens the Jews, or Zionists, most of all is being killed. We do not have this kind of fear.


It is certain that Islam views [suicide operations] as sacrifice and as the most lofty form of Jihad.

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  1. He’s absolutely correct that little girls need to be wrapped up in order to avoid muslims males being sent into a lustful state by catching site of their tiny pre-puescant bodies. Muslim males, like the first one, refuse to become men and insist on women, nay little girls, taking responsibility for controlling their sexual urges. They claim their religion is the ultimate revelation and what it reveals is an insight into hell.

  2. our religion says “thou shall Not lust after(whatever)”. also notice that its the old guys who say we love death, & yet they managed to live a long life. if their son dies in battle, the son can get the rest of the family in so the parents Want the child to die! sick sick. no love there.

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