Toilet Paper is Halal!

Does the use of toilet paper an act of halal?  (sic)

No shiite!

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I think, yes, toilet paper is ok. I copied the rules for the toilet from Wikipedia for you. One part in the rules says you can wipe with toilet paper three times.”Say before entering the toilet: In the name of Allah, O Allah! I seek refuge with You from all offensive and wicked things (Al-Bukhaaree) One should enter the toilet with the left foot and leave with the right foot.

Abu Qatada, bin Laden’s “right hand man” in Londonistan must be fed up with using uneven numbers of pebbles…..


It is not permissible to enter the toilet whilst carrying or wearing anything bearing the name of Allah, such as the Quran, or any book with the name of Allah in it, or jewelry such as bracelets or necklaces engraved with the name of Allah. One should remain silent whilst on the toilet. Talking, answering greetings or greeting others is forbidden.[2] One should not face nor turn your back on Al-Qiblah whilst relieving yourself.[3] One should be out of sight of people when going to the toilet It is considered forbidden to relieve oneself whilst standing up, lying down or if you are completely nude.[citation needed] One should avoid going to the toilet anywhere where people may take rest or gather for any purpose. Do not raise clothes until you get close to the ground and do not uncover the body any more than is needed. One should sit on the feet (e.g. squat) keeping thighs wide apart with the stress on the left foot. Do not look to the private parts of the body nor the waste matter passed from the body. Do not sit more than needed. Do not spit, blow nose, look hither and thither, touch the body unnecessarily nor look towards the sky but relieve oneself with the eyes downcast in modesty.[citation needed] After relieving oneself it is essential to perform Istinjaa (washing with water) of the anus and/or genitals with the left hand and water. The precise mode of performing Istinjaa has also been defined by religious leaders: “At the beginning of Istinja, it is preferable to use toilet paper three times. If Istinjaa is being done on a hot day, then the person should start from the front to the back and then from the back to the front and the third time from the front to the back. If Istinjaa is being done on a cold day, then he should begin from the back to the front. After wiping, he should wash his hand first and then he should cleanse himself with two fingers and three fingers if necessary together with ?pouring? water. When using the two fingers, one should keep the middle finger in front and the ring and index finger behind it. After beginning with the fingers in this position, he should bring the ring finger forward and rub with the middle finger and ring finger. Thereafter, he will wipe with the index finger, if necessary. He should continue until all the impurity and smell is removed. The left over water after Istinjaa is paak only if there is no impurity in it.” (Mufti Ebrahim Desai) And further: “To wash the orifice with water, even though no filth is stuck to it after relieving oneself, is desirable. If the filth is sticking to it (less than a Dirham or equal to it) then the use of water is ‘Sunnah’ (optional) and in the case the filth stuck to the orifice is more than a Dirham then its washing with the water is ‘Fard’. (obligatory)” Islamic Academy Other than toilet paper, water and the left hand Istinjaa can be performed with earth, grit, stones and worn-out cloths provided they are all clean. It is forbidden to perform Istinyaa with bone, any edible item, dry dung, baked brick, potsherd, coal, fodder, writing paper and anything which has even a small value. After this process the hands should also be washed. When leaving the toilet one should also say a prayer, “Praise be to Allah who relieved me of the filth and gave me relief.”[4] Note that it is known that many of these rules are not compulsory to all Muslims and fall into the category of the Sunnah, though it may be compulsory to just the Muslims that are in Mecca itself near the Ka’aba. As a further note many people[attribution needed] believe that many points mentioned today are outdated since in modern times toilets have become clean tiled areas compared to thousands of years ago when they were confined areas in the desert.”

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  1. So if you have a little bit of shit on your arse it’s OK?

    What further proof is needed that this is not a religion but a mind-control cult.

  2. have to agree with Ciccio. mind control cult.

    “When using the two fingers, one should keep the middle finger in front and the ring and index finger behind it. ” wtf?

    If this applies to woman it’s bad advice as wiping from back to front will cause infections in the vj.

  3. I have a friend in London, who rented out his property to an Iranian (first and last time) family. In the entire year that they were in his property that did not clean the toilet once.

    At the end of the tenancy, the bathroom reeked of bodily waste that the room had to be aired for two weeks. But, what was worse, the toilet seat had to be replaced because it became so warped by ammonia in the urine from lack of cleaning.

    These are the little things that divide us from them.

  4. they put up a big hoopla about washing their feet while their butts reek. Oh – and this goes back to my comment on the article about women spreading the flu. The moslem’s idea of cleanliness is whacko.

  5. Jokes aside the one thing Muslims have down right is the prevalence of Hand Held Bidets in their culture. It is somewhat ironic that people who use to, and some still do, use their left hand to wipe since there was no toilet paper available now consider it a religious imperative to wash with water after using the toilet. Just goes to show that even religions can come up with good ideas once in a while. Great source:

  6. what’s al kibler doin in the toilet with you in the first place!?
    nevermind not turning your back on him, just tell him “get out”!!

  7. “he should bring the” ring” finger forward ! phnarr phnarrr!!!!
    never had so much fun on a sunday for ages!ha harrr!

  8. I would love to have a bathroom with a bidet.

    Any muslim ceremonial washing should be preceded by real washing with soap and water.

  9. David,
    I can tell you right now that the most muslims sitting in their villages in Afghanistan do not wash – just wipe. Given that water is not plentiful in these highly arid regions this is actually sensible, so long as you watch which hand you eat with. Incidentally, the muslim did not come up with the concept of personal hygiene – that came much earlier – even before Greek and Roman times – e.g. think you will find that personal cleanliness was important to the Sumerians and the people of Mesopotamia (no – they were not muslims – even if they lived earlier in the same lands that have now been ravaged by the islamic morons).

    I would substitute water for any liquid with ph < 2 – just like the muslim males do for selected women of their communities.

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