Turkey Out of NATO!

Here we go again: the West allows a real ally and a friendly nation to be threatened by a belligerent, megalomanic Turkey. Has nobody in the West the courage to say enough is enough?

“Turkey will not stand by as Israel attacks a Muslim country.…”

Turkish FM asks why Syria didn’t attack Israel, says Turkey will not stand idly by if Israel attacks a Muslim country

The rapidly re-Islamizing Turks are irked that Assad didn’t respond to Israel’s recent air strike. This is of a piece with their support for the Syrian jihadists, who are Sunnis and are fighting to overthrow the Assad regime, which is a client of the Iranian Shi’ites.

“Is Turkey urging Syria to retaliate Israeli strike?,” from Ynet News, February 2 (thanks to JW):

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu slammed Israel’s alleged strike in Syria, urging Damascus to retaliate, the Hurriyet news agency reported.

Note how cuddly ‘Madame Secretary’ is with this insolent  Turk:

Report: Convoy Israel Struck Carried SA-17 Rockets

Russian-made anti-aircraft rockets were intended for Hizbullah, could “change balance of power.”

 Ban Ki-moonbat springs into action:

Ban Ki-moonbat today noted with “grave concern” reports of Israeli air strikes in Syria and called on all concerned to prevent an escalation of tensions in the region.–Ban Ki Moon seems to have forgotten something

The UN insists that Jews must be ethnically cleansed from Judea and Samaria.

Isn’t that a crime?

 The UN Human Rights Council came out with its report on the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. To no one’s surprise, it declared them illegal.  But what is interesting is what they demand be done.
“I was talking about the practices and behavior of believers of any religion who shed blood or who attack innocent people or civilians. That’s behavior that I condemn.”
That’s great. Lets condemn Islam then…..
Cartoon Riots
The blood libel cartoons and the Mohammed cartoons, even if equally offensive, show the difference in the reactions of two peoples at loggerheads
Okay, not really

“In the wake of a controversial cartoon published in the Sunday Times of London, massive crowds of angry Jewish protestors gathered in Hyde Park yesterday and, whipped into a fervor by local rabbis, took to the streets of London.”

8 thoughts on “Turkey Out of NATO!”

  1. I denounce Islamists/Salafis/wahabbis for exporting terror to the entire world (9/11, Londons 7/7/05, Pan Am 103, Halabja Iraq, Mumbai India) and bringing shame onto Islam.

  2. The more I see of Hillary, the more I cringe…I truly fear she is not only insane but quite vacuous and inane….

    The hand slapping with the Turk is telling….

    He has got his thumb pointing to his nose while his hand is waving, a gesture which suggests: “we’ve fooled you, you imbecile…,” while she is fixated on the hand concentrating hard, in order to deliver a high five…

    poor woman, she truly has lost the plot…and poor us…

  3. “Turkey will not stand by while Israel attacks Syrians….”

    Yep, the Turks now have good reason, in the eyes of the islamic world, to roll through and take over Syria in order to avenge them….what a plan!

  4. “…“Turkey will not stand by while Israel attacks Syrians….”…??

    Really. Yet it chooses to do nothing when France and even the UK sends troops to another muslim country – Mali . Why so selective ? Surely they should now be threatening France and the UK. After all, French troops have routed towns in Mali and sent many ragheads to their virgins.

    It looks like Erdogan is a hypocrite – using Israel’s perfectly justified attack on a convoy of missiles from Iran – as an excuse for self aggrandizement . At east he will be seen to be talking tough against the Jews. Hmmm… is an election coming up in Turkey? Do they even have any (meaningful) elections there? Or do all the parties have to be approved by ‘Allah’ ?

  5. @Edward:

    “….I denounce Islamists/Salafis/wahabbis for exporting terror to the entire world (9/11, Londons 7/7/05, Pan Am 103, Halabja Iraq, Mumbai India) and bringing shame onto Islam….”

    Good for you Edward. Now do something constructive – like setting up a website in a language that can be read by most (fellow?) muslims – outlining your concerns and your horror at how muslims are trying to grow their cult in lands and in cultures where it does not belong. islam is NOT for everyone, despite what many psychopaths think.

  6. Edward,

    It is a good think that you are concercerned with the behaviour of your fellow muslims – but it is not enought to say – you need to do!! Follow Hamids advice – if you can help your fellow muslims crawl out of the abyss that is islam and create something better than you will have helped saved the liveds of million of muslims – because there is a war coming if things continue as such and that war will be an open experession of the conflict that was initiated by muslims many centuries ago.

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