U.S. faces new Al Qaeda threat as terror group’s ‘strike map’ is revealed

Religion of peace  adherents promise earth-shattering, shocking and terrifying’ terrorist attacks. They must be terrifying terrorists:

Daily Mail

U.S. faces new Al Qaeda threat as terror group’s ‘strike map’ is revealed

  • Threatens to carry out ‘earth-shattering, shocking and terrifying’ attacks
  • Claims were made in a posting on the jihadist website Ansar al Mujahideen
  • Names America, France, Denmark and other countries in Europe as targets
  • Attacks would be ‘group, lone-wolf operations and booby-trapped vehicles’
  • Warns France and its allies that they are facing ‘long war of attrition’ in Mali
  • Site carried accurate messages before, U.S. officials say threat is ‘serious’

Al Qaeda has issued a new threat to carry out ‘earth-shattering, shocking and terrifying’ attacks on the U.S. and Europe, it emerged today.

In a posting on a jihadist website, the terror group said the ‘coming strikes’ would target the ‘heart of the land of non-belief’ as well as countries aiding France in its crackdown on rebels in Mali.

The unidentified writer claimed the attacks would be ‘group and lone-wolf operations, in addition to the use of booby-trapped vehicles’.

U.S. officials say they are taking the threat seriously.

‘Targeting heart of land of non-belief’: Al Qaeda has issued a new threat to carry out terrorist attacks on the U.S. and Europe in a posting on the Arabic version of this jihadist website, Ansar Al-Mujahideen

The message, posted on the Ansar al Mujahideen network on Sunday, carried the headline: ‘Map of Al Qaeda and its future strikes’.

It says: ‘Where will the next strike by al Qaeda be?

‘The answer for it, in short: The coming strikes by al Qaeda, with God’s Might, will be in the heart of the land of nonbelief, America, and in France, Denmark, other countries in Europe, in the countries that helped and are helping France, and in other places that shall be named by al Qaeda at other times.’

The message, translated by The Washington Times, says the attacks will be ‘strong, serious, alarming, earth-shattering, shocking and terrifying.’

All attacks would be recorded and published, it added.

The Daily Mail has more.

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  1. Muslims had better pray that no such attacks occur – because they will be the ones that pay full price – I really believe that these stupid islamists have not yet realized that they can be totally crushed at will – and you can take their evil bluster as a sign that things are not going well for them in Mali. well, shithead islamists – things are about to get even worse for you. Amusing that Denmark, which has bent over backwards to accomodate these islamic parasites is near the top of their list.

  2. @kaw

    Agree with your first statement. Eventually, Muslims will come to rue the day, that they brought the full wrath of the West down upon them. Not for the violence, that will be regrettable, but for the forced relocation back to their third world shitholes of origin. Leaving behind modernity to wallow in the past.

    9/11 was the hinge factor that awoke sleeping giants.

    Not too far off in the future, we will be free from fighting with bound hands.

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  4. Please excuse my terrorist version of de english… allulllull amber..hey if you want a good drink – go to the allah-ack BAR & grill…good burgers!)))

  5. there is nothing new here. It is an old threat and people, who do not know islam, think it is new when moslems have been on a jihad against us – formally – since the onset of the Muzz Brotherhood group outlined it in docs that were unclassified in the Holy Land Foundation Trial. Al Qaeda has been associated with the muzz Bro group and are also funded by moslems and many groups such as the sowdies and other oil producing moslem countries.

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    SILENCE!!! I KILL YOU!!! Ha Ha!
    O I forgot There is no humour in Islime!! Ha Ha!! 🙂

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