UK: Far Left Guardian Does Hijab Promo For Iran

Islam: a crime against children 

“Maintaining demand for the hijab is a cradle-to-the-grave pursuit.”

Iran tackles ‘inappropriate dressing’ by teaching chastity and hijab to toddlers

Morality police adopt a more root-and-branch approach in battle against females who show too much hair or makeup.

Female Iranian university students. The governor of Tehran recommends rolling out chastity and hijab classes in kindergartens before reaching those in higher education.

One thought on “UK: Far Left Guardian Does Hijab Promo For Iran”

  1. The only thing the “Red” Guardian is good for is their job sections other then that it is a good indicator of the type of people not to waste your time with.

    As for this Islamic movement of covering baby girls and young girls in their slave outfit is just another example of Darwinism that Muslims do so well.

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