Useful idiots, no-go zones in Dearborn, death for apostates & the jihad against free speech

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Islam, the Religion of the Professors:

Harvard law prof, Sharia apologist Noah Feldman denounces Egyptian anti-Muslim Brotherhood protestors as “counterrevolutionaries”

Noah Feldman, who was instrumental in drafting Iraq’s Sharia constitution,consistently ignores Sharia provisions mandating the subjugation of non-Muslims. And in this piece he makes it clear: he wants to see Sharia implemented in Egypt. “Egyptian Democrats May Pave the Way for Army’s Coup,” by Noah Feldman forBloomberg, January 31

Noah Feldman sings the praises of the sharia  — “I had a small role advising the Iraqi drafters.”

Muslim Aboudi Berro wants protesters murdered:

Dearborn Muslim calls for killing anti-Islam protesters

Sharia mandates death for those who criticize Islam, and other Sharia provisions are coming to Dearborn, so why not this one? Will Dearborn authorities investigate Aboudi Berro? Don’t hold your breath.

“Dearborn Muslim Calls for Killing Anti-Islam Protesters,” by David Wood atAnswering Muslims, February 10:

The reason protesters show up at the festival is that Dearborn leaders (with occasional help from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce) spent years violating the Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens

UK TV Terror:

UK: Muslim TV channels promote death for apostates from Islam and those who insult Muhammad

And after letting it go on since at least 2010, the “communications watchdog” Ofcom is now shocked! shocked! that such views have been broadcast. The Telegraph doesn’t mention, of course, and probably doesn’t know, that such views are standard Sharia provisions, such that it would be more surprising if the Muslim channels did not broadcast them than if they did. No one wants to examine the implications of that.

“Preachers of hate who spread their violent word on British TV channels,” by David Barrett and Ben Leach for the Telegraph, February 9

Muslim fundamentalists have used British television channels to preach in favour of violent crime and killing “apostates”.

The cases identified by Ofcom include:

* An Islamic scholar who told viewers: “It is your duty … to kill those who insult Prophet Mohammed.”

* A preacher banned from coming to Britain who used the channel – which he co-owns – to say anyone who left Islam should be put to death.

* A phone-in presenter who advocated “eliminating” anyone who disrespected Mohammed.

EU court rules against Iran bank sanctions for second time, mullah’s delighted…

EU dolts playing right into their hands.–More here.

 The Jihad Against Free Speech:

Hamas-linked CAIR, other Islamic supremacist groups waging war against free speech

It is good to see the mainstream media finally beginning to notice the Islamic supremacist and Leftist war on free speech.

“The Jihad On Free Speech,” from Investor’s Business Daily, February 7:

Islamofascism: Islamists have launched a hostile takeover of American language through an increasingly aggressive and organized censorship campaign that threatens free speech.

Over the past few weeks, there have been an alarming number of cases of Muslim pressure groups trying to force Americans to conform to a pro-Islamic speech code.

They’ve insisted on censoring any speech or expression that offends them, including TV ads, Christian symbols, speeches and even parts of speech.

In some cases, the targets of their wrath have caved in to their demands.

• Last week, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester, Mass., canceled a talk on Islam by author Robert Spencer after local Muslim groups, egged on by Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, enlisted a sympathetic Boston Globe reporter to smear Spencer as a “bigot.”

“We applaud the diocese’s decision,” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper gloated.

• Last month, Hooper penned a column demanding the Associated Press drop from its new Stylebook the word “Islamist” to describe militant Muslims who support jihad and Islamizing the West, such as members of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR itself. He doesn’t like the “pejorative” ring to it, accurate as it is.

CAIR already got the U.S. government to scrub the term. Now it’s bullying the press not to use it.

• CAIR at the same time is running ads on buses in Chicago and San Francisco redefining the term jihad. The whitewash campaign, dubbed “MyJihad,” aims to convince Americans that jihad merely means “to struggle,” not wage war.

• Speaking of ads, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and the Muslim Institute for Interfaith Studies joined forces last week to condemn as “racist” a light-hearted Super Bowl commercial featuring an Arab walking through a desert with a camel. Coca-Cola dropped everything and consulted with the groups on bended knee.

“We did express regret that the ad had been misunderstood,” Coke said.

• Islamist groups like CAIR are feverishly trying to insert their own word “Islamophobia” — into the popular lexicon. They use this term, ad nauseam, to describe anyone who speaks critically of the violent nature of Islam.

• Recently they petitioned the United Nations to take action to limit free speech when it’s deemed offensive to Muslims, citing a “striking increase in Islamophobia.” They hope to one day criminalize it, and they’re inching closer and closer to that goal.

• Swayed by such international pressure, the Pentagon last month ordered crosses and other Christian symbols removed from military chapels where our soldiers pray in Afghanistan. Why? They insult the local Muslims.

Crescent moons and other Islamic symbols are perfectly fine, however, and will remain at the mosques the U.S. has erected on those same bases for Afghan interpreters and security trainees.

Here’s what’s really outrageous about this trend: In many cases, the Muslims demanding greater respect for Islam are the very reason it gets such a bad rap.

Some of the same Islamic groups arguing that their religious rights supercede everyone else’s free-speech rights have actually been read their rights as terrorist suspects.

Several former officials of CAIR, for example, now sit in prison on terror-related convictions.

And the Justice Department has ID’d its founder and the entire organization itself as unindicted terrorist co-conspirators, after linking them to both the terrorist group Hamas and the radical Brotherhood in the largest terror-finance case in U.S. history.

Unless Americans want to live under de facto blasphemy laws, they’d better start standing up to these Islamofascists.