“Warm, generous people” in Bankstown Beheading Incident

‘Violent domestic incident’ in Bankstown leads to beheading death

Son arrested after Toufic Zahab decapitated at Bankstown home

Toufic Zahab, 69, is understood to have been hit with a brick and knifed in an attack that led to his decapitation at the family’s home in Stacey Street, Bankstown, just after 6am today. (The Australian)

“They’re warm people, generous people,”– They are a great family”.  “Everyone’s devastated and shocked.” (Newscom)

Bankstown is a heavily enriched  area

A FATHER was allegedly beheaded after he came to his wife’s defence inside their family home in Bankstown this morning.

The man’s 42-year-old son has been arrested.

Police responding to reports of a domestic incident arrived at the Stacey Street home in Bankstown shortly after 6am this morning.

There officers discovered the body of 69-year-old Toufic Zahab.

Police confirmed the body had been decapitated.

It is alleged Mr Zahab’s elderly wife was burned with candles and kicked down a set of stairs by the couple’s son, Khoder Zahab, and was attacked with a piece of brick and a knife after coming to her aid.

Relative Abdul Elesh said his grandparents had allowed their son to sleep in the house as a favour after a family dinner.

“They’re warm people, generous people,” Mr Elesh said. “He (Toufic) was always welcoming. They are a great family.

“Everyone’s devastated and shocked.”

Police said the scene inside the family’s home was so disturbing officers who attended are receiving counselling.

“The scene was quite disturbing,” Detective Chief Inspector Glen Fitzgerald said. “It has been a difficult morning for both the family and police.

It is understood Mr Zahab, a retired carpenter, owns both units in the duplex and where he was attacked.

Several other relatives, including seven children were at home at the time.

Mr Zahab’s wife was taken from the scene in an ambulance and is providing a statement to police.

A crime scene has been set up at the home and homicide squad detectives are assisting detectives from Bankstown Local Area Command. Police said the son was known to police.

Anyone with information about the man’s death has been urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

In other news:

One Dead in “Kitchen Carnage”, Bail Refused for Miss Abdullah

Katherine Abdallah, 31, allegedly smashed a vase over the head of her flatmate Ms Sarkis, 21, before stabbing her at least twice in the chest with a kitchen knife.

She was pronounced dead at St George Hospital a short time later.

Abdallah was arrested at her near-new apartment and later charged with her housemate’s murder.

“It’s a very violent offence for anyone to stab and beat someone to death,” the police said.
Superintendent Dave Donohue said the victim had been stabbed at least twice in an “extended altercation” between the pair.

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  1. What’s going on it’s not even Friday yet? No doubt there’s a perfectley reasonable excuse for this behaviour, just wait for the verse, paragraph and volume to follow….

  2. In late news, they found Toufic’s head in the bath tub. Maybe the kid was finally cleaning up his room.

    1. In the bathtub? How practical.

      Perhaps the killer didn’t want to make too much of a mess and decided the bathtub is the right place for the blood to run down the drain.

      In the seventies in Berlin the Turks used to take the sheep up into their apartments and slaughter them there in the bathtub, for Ramadan.

      I don’t think things changed much since then.

  3. Confirmation of the enrichment that moslems contribute to multiculturalism.

    Takes an exceptionally brave man to smash a brick on his elderly father’s head, knife him and hack off his head.

  4. what about seth gonzales the catholic who massacared his dad, mom, sister, over being denied use of a car?

    is that because he’s a catholic? or is it because toufic is a muslim?

    There’s been more gruesome crimes committed by people of all faiths, so nothing to do with religion like you make it out to be.

    btw: go obama go!

  5. He didn’t know what behead means; he found the knife and brick lying around in Hyde Park during the false prophet riots in September.

    (‘Behead those who insult the prophet’ comes to Sydney
    by sheikyermami on September 15, 2012)

  6. The picture in this above acticle of the man holding the signs that reads “Muslims are part of the solution not the problem.” This remains to be seen. They need to prove this claim to be true by their actions. That is for all of them to stop Islamic terrorism which includes the heinous acts of suicide/homoicide attacks. Furthermore, it may very well be the the Muslim people are not really the problem after all. The problem is the death cult of which Islam itself [a false religion]which the these people astray.

    1. When they claim muslims are the solution they mean of course that Islam is the solution and that our conversion is our salvation.

      As in “the west is the cancer, Islam is the answer”.

      If you thought that it means that Muslims will assist us against Islamic terrorism and the global jihad you are mistaken.

  7. This may come as a complete shock to someone as uneducated and simple minded as yourself, however not all Arabs ate Muslims. Those girls in the second story are Christians… does that make you feel bad now?

  8. Yes red, we know not all arabs are muslims – so what??? Unless you know the people involved in the case you allude to you do not know their religion – it is not information released by police or courts. So again – your motive to make your utterance is questionable.

  9. kaw …. the girls are in fact Christian. Any middle eastern person would know that by their names … Your motive for rebuttal of red’s comment is arrogant.

  10. Truly sickening and emotionally disturbing to hear these kind of stories. The son is clearly under the influence of drugs or has mental problems , God help his family especially the mother of the memory scarred in her life

  11. Yes indeed, both events are tragic and yes the girls’ names indicate their religious backgrounds. .. as previously mentioned, it is obvious to anyone who speaks Arabic. As for my motivation, this is a Muslim bashing site and as such the readers are led to believe that the girls are “crazy Muslims” . Someone has to set the record straight…

    Regardless of their faith, both stories are shocking and certainly are not in line with any religious teachings…

    Yes, this comes from an educated, well respected, non terrorist (ha!) Muslim 🙂


  12. I’m soooo shocked at some of these comments & how this horrible situation some how is comical to anyone? Society has become very sick & I honestly feel sorry for the next generation! This has nothing to do with religion or this poor family who are already most probably never going to be able to recover from this tragedy! Grow up people, we live in a sick world, where unfortunately these horrid situations are occurring every day in this wonderful place we call world. & sick people wait for tragedies to happen to blame a certain race or religion. This is also a growing concern!!! Parents kill children, children killing parents has nothing to do with their belief.
    So cut the crap & show some respect!

  13. Well said Natasha. I can’t imagine what the families must be going through…. it’s just senseless and devastating that some people have no regard for life itself.

  14. LOL – you do not seem to understand that proof is not conjecture. You do not know what religion these people may be part of, but that is not surprise because the way that you have structured your email stinks of a muslim. Until the judge/courts release details, their names are of little relevance. And incidentally, you have unconsciously touched upon an important point. you are in Australia – not a islamic counttry, but you are thinking like a muslim – your unthinking association with a family name has demonstrated thids this. Since you need reminding, the association with muslims is , unfortunately, natural given the very recent beheading commited by a muslim in Bankstown, and the rather large list of murders committed by muslim in the last week in Asia, Europe, Africa and the ME. So the association of muslims with violent crime is partly justified because that is precisely how many of you people behave, while justifying your actions behind what passes for a religion. Your response to the implied accusation by implying that these people where not muslim speaks volumes about your uncertainly and inability to face up to what you are.

    Red, just so that you tiny brain grabs the concept, people who act like thugs are not liked in the community. This site would not exists if a significant number of you idiot muslims did not act like violent jerks. Most negative comment passed on you and your co-religionist is deserved – sadly until you grow up or have the moral courage to accept responsibility for the way you behave it seems that the muslim problem will continue to exist. You are both the problem and the solutiion.

    Incidently if it comes to a conflict we SNIP you can believe what you wish but it will not change the ugly truth if you muslim thugs keep pushing – the conflict will be of your choice – one can only hope that you people grow up. Even with kids like you patience can grow very thin. Pity you lot were not in the Urals this morning.

  15. Very insightful of you to completely ignore the violence on mass scales by non Muslims. But then again you are anything but objective. .. your hatred is evident and pitifully disturbing.

    And yes Abdallah is a Christian name as well…. Also her facebook profile and photos confirm she’s a Christian. .. why is it so hard for you to accept? Unlike you, I am not implying that all Christians/non Muslims are inherently evil because I’m a rational being who knows certainly that violence unfortunately exists across a wide spectrum. ..

    By and large, the majority of major crime all around the world is committed by non-Muslims- see recent mass murders in the US or perhaps read about the South African Olympian who recently shot hoods partner four times (admittedly so) .

    Finally..I missed the part where LOL claimed that they are a Muslim?

  16. Oh and also you say my attitude must change yet you are the one threatening to”take out” a whole race of people… your instability and rage makes my case for me. .. I wish you peace and hope you get help.. If you want my attitude to become murderous and hateful, you are beyond reproach.

  17. I know this man, his a kind and gentle man. Well respected in his community and in his faith. He had a son who is a drug addict, influensed by a bad group. His father asked for help and no one in government and in the police helped him.
    He had said many times to police that, you are causing our children to become this way, stop them now before they hurt anyone.

    It not ok for a father to raise there hands and slap their children, but its ok for the parents to contantly fear their children and the abuse they give them. If the father or mother raises there hands and slaps her son or daughter, it becomes a crimminal assult and the parents gets charged for trying to disapline there child and are handcuffed , finger printed, photographed and gaoled for four hours. The child knows he can get away with it. Then the police tells you you must disapline your child. How!
    If you talk to them they verbally abuse you and start smashing things in there way. Parents are suffering badly and don’t know how to control their children.

    The system is stuffed and I blame the government for allowing this to happen. The government have given the power to the teenages that grow up causing all these issues.

  18. Absta,

    1) The responsibility of our children is not the Governments responsibility – it is ours. In his case, it is members of his community that let his family down.
    2) In all non-muslim countries, when the serious crime statistics are weighted according to population number, the muslim group is the major contributor. This is what “red” failed to understand – for example
    muslims at less than 2 percent of the population contribute the significant majority of violent crime again women in Scandinavia, Of the group that constitutes muslims under 25, over 50-60% are known to the police and have been charged or indited for various serious felonies in several European cities. In pakistan, non–muslims are murdered, raped and the perpetrators protected by law – hardly just I think. There is a severe problem in your community and to pretend otherwise does not help anyone.
    3. In a response to red i told it that if the muslim community cannot clean its house up then we will have no alternative but to clean their house for them, I stand by that, and the death of the gentleman you are referring to is a symptom of the malaise that besets your community. reds response is typically muslim – wave the persecuted minority card – which helps no-one in the events concerning the muslim community which are rapidly becoming a tragic farce.
    4. I saw a very recent video of a young African muslim girl who was stoned to death by the pond scum that call themselves islamists. We could not help her and we failed her, but another disturbing thing was the willingness of the muslim community to assist in her murder. Islam is like socialism – it propagates through fear and lack of reason – you need only to look at a tribal village in Pakistan to see sufficient evidence of this. The point is this – the seeds of violence that murdered the man whom you knew were carried by his community and it is extremely disturbing to see that many muslims i.e. red are incapable of recognising that a problem exists. You cannot work towards a solution if you cannot understand that a problem exists.
    5. What you, and most others, fail to realise is that the government is elected to do the bidding of the community. If you find that kids (whom are causing problems) are are not being brought to task by the law then you, as a community, need to lobby the government. This same advice is valid for all communities. The police are hamstrung by morononic PC rulings and judges whose sentencing ethics are questionable. For example, n the UK a group of muslim women who verbally and physically assaulted, and stabbed a young English woman for no reason where released without charges by the local judge. A very senior ex-policeman has observed that the softly-softly treatment of musilm gansters has effectively handed the criminal drugs trade in Sydney to these monsters. The reason I note this is that the politicians perceived that by being soft with law breakers from your community they would win votes because this is the message they heard most loudly from the people who should not be representing your community (the rest of you seem to have lost your voices). You need to convince them that the opposite is true and thing may change for the better.

    I hope that your community can understand and resolve its issues with the larger community, but nothing I have seen to date lends support to optimism.

  19. @absta: He was 42 years old. He was no child. Way to go with shifting the blame to everybody else but the perpetrator. No doubt there is a lawsuit in the works here.
    l suppose you blame Australian culture too. He became too “Westernised”, got bored and “disenfranchised”.
    l have seen many, many Muslims severely disciplining their daughters whilst turning a blind eye to their sons violence against their sisters etc. Perhaps this attitude could have contributed?? As for the beheading aspect, this seems to be an almost exclusive Muslim way of execution.
    Ther’s an old expression “You reap what you sow”. It’s just unfortunate that because of our spineless politicians and their bleeding heart immigration policies, true Australian’s are now reaping what you Muslim’s have sown”.

  20. Ansta,
    Your community, and not the Government, must take the responsibility. Your community (the muslim community) is to blame, and your post (as do the rather pointless comments of ‘red’) suggests that your community and its members are either unwilling or unable to address the significant problems that exist within (your community). The yoots that we see on the streets (and we have been very tolerant of these fools – something that will not last much longer) are a creation of your society – deal with it.

  21. absta – it is your community (muslim) that bears the responsibility – not the government. If you (meaning your community) are unable or unwilling to resolve these issues then we will have to – it is your communities choice.

  22. * however not all Arabs ate Muslims

    Everybody is born muslim, according to the false prophet, thus by default all Arabs are muslims, unless they have the sense to reject islam.

    [The Prophet Muhammad said, “No babe is born but upon Fitra (as a Muslim). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 033, Number 6426)]

    * Of course, the false prophet may have been telling porkies.

  23. You know I thought Americans where racist but wet in the dark y’all in the open.since when religion matters for someone killing someone.any religion or atheist can tell you thus is wrong. So anytime a crime occurs err have to mention the religion? Any religion has bad in it but that does not mean the whole religion is bad.here in the states we have worse crime then this but we don’t say he was white Christian or black baptist or Arab Muslim or Christian no we say he was a sick individual who should get punished fire what he did. If we was to point fingered in thus I’m sure the white Christian race would win in this brutal crime.good will punish this sick man

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