Whenever the law conflicts with sharia, the sharia trumps the law of the land

Double standards and hypocrisy:

A court in southern Spain has acquitted eight Muslims who were accused of resorting to violence to break a ban on Muslim prayers in a cathedral in the city of Córdoba. The church was once the world’s second-biggest mosque and remains the single most powerful symbol of Islam in Spain.

Some observers say the ruling, which caught Spanish public prosecutors completely by surprise, reflects a desire by local judges to dispense with a highly sensitive case that has the potential to inflame Muslim sensibilities.

But the ruling is likely to embolden the growing Muslim community in Spain and elsewhere, who believe they have a legitimate claim to the historic monument because of its former identity as a mosque.


Its not a crime to have a sex slave under Islamic law: 

Saudi says he’s innocent and a victim of anti-Muslim sentiment:

Saudi publisher of Islamic books, convicted of sexual assault, claims he is victim of “anti-Muslim sentiment,” may be allowed to leave U.S.

Of course: it was “Islamophobia” that made it seem as if Homaidan al-Turki was keeping his housekeeper as his sex slave. Of course, the Qur’an and some contemporary Muslim authorities justify sex slavery, so only greasy Islamophobes could object, right?

“Mr. al-Turki has never accepted responsibility for his crimes nor undergone any rehabilitation as a sex offender. I am hopeful that the Department of Corrections will put the interests of justice and the protection of women above the interests of the Saudi government.” Don’t count on it.

“Saudi man convicted of sex assault in ’06 may be allowed to leave U.S.,” from theAssociated Press, February 17 (thanks to Bill):

A Saudi linguist convicted of sexually assaulting a housekeeper and keeping her a virtual slave for four years in Colorado has cleared initial administrative hurdles to be transferred to Saudi Arabia under a U.S. treaty, angering prosecutors who put him in prison.


Muslim Man and Wife Accused of Treating Girl as a Virtual Slave

As a Muslim Mr. Ashar has the right to have a Kafir sex slave outside of marriageaccording to the verses in the Koran 4:24 and 33:50.  However, the Sharia also specifies that he shouldn’t mistreat her as he’s been accused of doing.